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The other day I was talking to my pastor. We were

discussing all the people we know who have either

turned from God and are working against Him know

or they have stopped expecting anything from God

and simply go through the motions and do the


The next day I heard a sermon by Bill Johnson that

put words to my thoughts that I couldn’t express.

He went through the story of Jonathan and his

armour bearer when they attacked the Philistine

outpost alone. Jonathan and only one of two swords

in the whole of Israel. His armour bearer had nothing.

They gave up the advantage of surprise by showing

themselves. They gave into the trap of the highground

saying, “If they call us up we know God is giving them

into our hands.”

They did the absolute most crazy thing they could…

and they killed twenty.

And the story spread through the camp of the Philistines

and they shook. And God sent and earthquake and they


And the Israelites fighting with the Philistines against their

own kind rose up and fought against the enemies of Israel.

And those hiding in the hills who were avoiding conflict started

chasing after the enemy.

All it took was doing something crazy that God could amplify.

My problem with the story is that Saul is constantly in

trouble for not inquiring of God yet Jonathan went with

a “perhaps God”.

The differences between the two are many. Saul acted

and reacted it seems continually out of fear. Jonathan

acted out of faith in a command of God to possess the

land and the promise of God that He would fight ahead

of them.

What’s troubling you today? Can you stand on the promises

of God and do even the ridiculous for Him?

Will you give God a story He can amplify that will

turn those fighting against God and put them

on the front lines of fighting the enemy? Will

the story you’re writing with today be useful for

God to motivate the hurt and the hiding to

engage in the battle we’re called to?

I’d love to hear your testimonies of what

God has done when you’ve risked for Him.