Book Review: Human Natures of Animal and Spiritual by Carroll Blair

Human Natures of Animal and Spiritual by Carroll Blair






TITLE: Human Natures of Animal and Spiritual


2011 New book by Carroll Blair

Author: Carroll Blair is the author of more than 20 books, including 5 volumes of poetry.

Publisher:  Aveon Publishing Company

Genre/Market:  Poetry, Spirituality, Philosophy

Publication Date: 2011

ISBN: 978-1-936430-07-09

Book Length:  140 Pages

Price:  $11.95

Soft copy

5 Out of 5 points

Headline for Book Review: Challenge your spiritual Growth and be inspired

This book was given to me for my honest review by the author Carroll Blair.

Quote: “Spirituality is not a sanctuary from ordeal, but the realm in which all that could be envisioned and internally experienced within human possibility can be realized.”

This is a great read with short and easy to read poetry and realistic words to challenge your thoughts about life and spirituality.  Carroll states in his book on page seventeen, “It is what man does beyond what he needs to do to meet the needs of survival where his contributions to life or crimes against life begin.”  Those are wise words that give the reader something to ponder in their own walk with life and challenge the growth of their own spirituality.

It is well know that in 2011 many lives have been challenged and changed by our current economic times of adversity.  This book will answer some questions about the problems that are going on.  The “cause“ is revealed; why efforts fail to cure the ills of the world or mitigate their negative impact around the globe.

I loved this easy to read and simple understanding of the words of Carroll Blair’s view.

© 2011 Jackie Paulson


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Human Natures of Animal and Spiritual by Carroll Blair”

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