Muscular Faith By Ben Patterson Book Review

Title of Book:  Muscular Faith

Author:  Ben Patterson is the campus pastor of Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California.  He is a contributing editor to Christianity Today and the Leadership Journal, he has written several books: God’s Prayer Book, He Has Made Me Glad, Serving God, Waiting, Deepening Your Conversation with God, and the Prayer Devotional Bible.

ISBN Number:  978-1-4143-1666-6

Publisher:  Tyndale House Publishers, Inc   Carol Stream, Illinois

Genre/Market:  Christian, Spiritual,

Publication Date: 2011

Book Length: 217 Pages



5 Out of 5 points

Headline for Book Review: Real people with real struggles-Where do we find Strength?

The bible is full of “regular” people that discovered the “muscular faith” to carry them through their struggles.  Ben Patterson displays how to strengthen your heart, mind, soul for the only challenge that matters.  If you are a Christian this book is packed with scriptures.  He has quotes from John Piper and other famous Christian authors.  He explains why the Nicene Creed is so important today.  He talks about Heaven and hell, the importance of Salvation today, prayer and church membership.  It answers questions that I have had in the past and in the current economic times of 2011.

When I received my complimentary copy of the book Muscular Faith by Ben Patterson for a book review from Tyndale House Publisher, Inc I was so happy.  In my opinion of this book if you are a new Christian than it is not the best book.  I found it a great book because I have studied the Bible several times and taken classes.  I loved all of the quotes and scriptures.  What it made me realize is how lucky I am to be a Christian in 2011.  The most important thing in my life is to study the bible and be able to share it with others.  The scriptures and topics it covers is a review for me so that I am able to share it properly.


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