Abundance and the Secret Law of Attraction by David William Lowell

Abundance and the Secret Law of Attraction by David William Lowell

I received this book for free from http://reviewthebook.com/ for my review.  David Lowell grew up in Warwick, Rhode Island, USA and acquired two degrees one in Civil Engineering and German.  He is married to Pamela David’s message is to stay positive 24/7 and in his book he teaches more than just the law of attraction but how to stay positive in difficult situations we deal with every single day with examples.

“The ego is I in his book and True Self is separate from the mind and body, which is the principle behind life, action, feeling and thought.”

It is important to know how our ego works in everyday life vs. the true self.  What I love best is his example of learning how to do everything out of gratitude and in serving others so our ego doesn’t get in our way.  He also shows us how to smile “all the time” even if you are in a bad mood, because it turns the negativity into positive energy and changes the mood around us.

The real life examples can help anyone take a bad attitude and turn it into positive.  For example, in dealing with others who are just down and out we need to send love to them.  Just changing our karma to good will help the other person change around you or flee elsewhere.  I know from experience that it works.

This book is not the same old “law of attraction” of ask, believe, receive and faith.  It is much more in depth and helps the skeptics feel better about themselves and the world around them.

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