Mystical Mentor by Dick Warn

TITLE: Mystical Mentor

Author:  Dick Warn from Alaska has written two other successful books; “The Miracle Minute and More Miracle Minutes.”

PublisherTrafford Publishing

Genre/Market:  Christian Life, Spiritual Growth, Life lessons, True Story

Publication Date: 2008

ISBN: 142516165-0

Book Length:  223

Price:  $

Soft copy

5 Out of 5 points


Headline for Book Review: How to Break Through your own ego into true happiness

QUOTES from the book:

“There is a difference between thinking we know, and knowing we know.”

“I now believe that life is 50% Mystery, 50% Miracle, and that the very best we can do is work our way through the fog with love in our heart.”

“Every day is a new day, every day can be a new beginning, and People who remain stuck are stuck mentally.  Most prefer to remain where they are, rather than change their minds.”

Mystical Mentor is a wonderful read because it is based on a true story and those are the types of stories we all have something to learn from.  This book takes you through a story and gives you life lessons along the way that can benefit anyone at any age or stage of life they are in. Although this book was published in 2008 I believe in 2011 would benefit others who need to transform their lives.

The story takes place with Dick meeting his mentor Russell at a local place to learn life lessons.  Russell had lived his life and learned he wanted to teach others how to be at peace 24/7 a day.  Here are the lessons in a nutshell:

What are your three desires for your life? Write them down on paper.  You want to answer the questions of who you are, what you have done, and what you want to become.  This acts as a guide for you to keep your aim on as you learn other lessons.  Read about others who have driven a successful life.  I learned that you need to forgive yourself and forgive others before life can be calm.  We all have baggage we need to get rid of and the secret is to forgive others and learn to truly love everyone unconditionally.

I read this book in one day as it was easy to understand and the pages flew by me.  It is a great resource for when anyone is down and out because it shows how one man went from broke and depressed to living the full life that he really wanted.

© 2011 Jackie Paulson

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