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Time Travel and the Kennedy Assassination, March 9, 2012By Jackie Paulson “Jackie Paulson”This review is from: 11/22/63: A Novel (Hardcover)Stephen King 11/22/63 By Stephen King A Novel
When I received this audio ebook from Readers Favorite I could not wait to hear it played. The best part is the ending which is something only the true Stephen King fan can enjoy! The only other novel I have read of his is “The Stand.” I have to say that this novel came close but “The Stand” is my favorite so far.
Of course I was born in the 1960’s where I remember all too well the Lee Harvey Oswald and the Kennedy Assassination which the media covered painstakingly over and over. I remember that day very clearly in my memory, as I watched it in my parents’ bedroom and as they were in shock explaining to me as a child what happened in terms only a child could comprehend. Stephen King writes well and researches enough to keep the facts real and the story flowing for the reader’s attention.
The main character is Jake Epping, and travels through time which leads from 2011 Maine to 09/09/1958. You can visit the past for as long as you like–years even–but when you return to the present it’s always exactly two minutes later. Every succeeding visit is a “reset.” You can change the past (and consequently the present), but as Jake learns, “the past is inflexible.”

Because with this portal to the past, Jake is set on a mission that would probably be the goal of most every person of a certain age–to stop the Kennedy assassination. I don’t think it resonates quite so strongly with those of us who weren’t around to remember Camelot, but, sure, 11/22/63 was one of the most memorable days in this nation’s history.
© 2012 All Rights Reserved Jackie Paulson


Journey From Head to Heart: Living and Working Authentically
by Nancy Oelklaus
Edition: Paperback
Price: $17.12
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Awaken your Authentic Life at Home and at Work, March 9, 2012This review is from: Journey From Head to Heart: Living and Working Authentically (Paperback)Journey from Head to Heart by Nancy Oelklaus
Publisher: Loving Healing Press © 2008
ISBN: 978-1-932690-43-9
(Living and Working Authentically)
I was given an advanced copy by Review the Book dot com.Nancy has done an excellent job writing her book and helping others with many personal issues.

She brings a common movie to your mind as she conveys her meaning well enough that a two year old could understand. Although her book gave my brain much to think about and to ponder as I search for my own authentic self in my mid-40’s! In order to living a life that aligns with who you truly are, Nancy brings awareness, and many tools that make you accomplish your true identity. Each chapter has questions at the end for self development. It took me longer to post a review on this book because of the thought process and self awareness I had discovered while reading it.

Nancy provides tools, a map, and references to help you on your own journey. This is the one and only book you will need for 2012 and self awareness with a touch of spirituality and scriptures to help encourage you to keep going on your own journey.

QUOTE: From page 180

Turn Into the Slide
When the care slips on ice,
Turn into the slide;
Yield to the weakness,
Foot off the brake.
Fighting an conquering
Are not okay
For a slide, Do it,
And you die.
The slide leads you,
Through you did not chose,
To better place,
And when you follow,
You discover freedom-
And safety –
And Surprise
And Warmth
On ice!

© 2012 Jackie Paulson All Rights Reserved.


1,000 Days: The Ministry of Christ
by Jonathan Falwell
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $14.78
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35 used & new from $9.29

The ministry of Christ simplified, March 4, 2012

This review is from: 1,000 Days: The Ministry of Christ (Hardcover)

“The Ministry of Christ 1000 DAYS” by Jonathan Falwell

Book Review: “The Ministry of Christ 1000 DAYS” by Jonathan Falwell Reviewed by Jackie Paulson © 2012 for BookSneeze

1000 Days offers insight into what Jesus has to say about life and the concept of finding “the happiness of less” and finding true inner peace.

I blog for free books and I discovered Jonathan Falwall’s book when I picked it out from BookSneeze and its many choices they provide. Reading about Jesus and his life ministry is easy to do as a fellow believer in Christ. As my brothers and sisters can understand reading the bible and gaining insight to Jesus’ true life only comes from reading the bible. Although I discovered that sometimes when I read a book, I can gain knowledge that I had not considered before.

I’m not so sure what I expected from the book. Maybe something along the lines of “A Year with Jesus” by R. P. Nettelhorst or “Belief Matters” by Pete Briscoe, or any of those types of Christian books that help me to learn. Each book I read comes with different insights to be gained.
“The Ministry of Christ 1000 DAYS” by Jonathan Falwell is a wonderful read with added Bible Study Guide to help with small groups.

For all intents and purposes, it is a book to help ease your feelings of helplessness in the 21st century. The author starts out by telling a story of a documentary film he watched about a couple who had devoted their entire lives to climbing mountains. This couple, when questioned why they do it replies that they can’t seem to get enough. They are always restless and never satisfied. It reminds me of my own life and trying to find my own inner peace.

After reading 1000 Days I find myself learning again about the many things Jesus did while on earth and the life of Christ. While I am on a life long journey to understanding Jesus I learned through this book, about his ministry and how to implement Jesus’ behavior for my life today.

I loved this book. I’ve passed it on to friends singing its praises.

QUOTE: “So is he who lays up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.” Luke 12:21

Jackie Paulson © 2012 All Rights Reserved

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Faith, Stirred Not Shaken: Exploring the MIRACLE between science and religion
by Robert De Filippis
Edition: Paperback
Price: $24.95
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3 used & new from $16.11

Religion vs. Philosphy, February 27, 2012

This review is from: Faith, Stirred Not Shaken: Exploring the MIRACLE between science and religion (Paperback)

FAITH, Stirred Not Shaken by Robert De Filippis was published in 2011. Robert is a retired Organizational Consultant ad Executive Coach. He resides in his hometown of Herrin, Illinois.

I received this book for free for my review from Reader Favorite.

In reviewing this book published by OutshirtsPress I have to say I would not recommend it to young reader who is not interested in exploring the Miracle between science and religion. It is more of a Philosophy book with many claims to back up the author’s theories on science and relation and its western belief systems of society.
Robert had his religious beliefs from childhood which tested his faith throughout his lifetime. In 1990 he put to rest his ex-wife after a year of divorce which he and their children stayed with her until her last breath. On Dec of 1991 he received a call from his father that his sister Connie was in the hospital and going to die. Connie was in her mid twenties and pregnant and died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Thus the baby died as well as the mother. And lastly, Roberts’s youngest son Anthony became seriously ill. He developed lymphoma and had a tumor on his left lung and after much prayer the final diagnoses was a horrible infection but that Anthony would be fine.

In conclusion, can we learn a new way of understanding the truth that we have tried to grasp with our religious principles? Please read this book if you want to find the right answers to your own questions.
© 2012 Jackie Paulson all rights reserved

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Our Favorite Sins: The Sins We Commit and How You Can Quit
by Todd D. Hunter
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $13.45
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39 used & new from $7.62

Overcome Sin & Temptations, February 26, 2012

This review is from: Our Favorite Sins: The Sins We Commit and How You Can Quit (Hardcover)

I would like to acknowledge BOOKSNEEZE for providing me a free book for my honest review of Our Favorite Sins by Todd D. Hunter. This 2012 Book teaches us the sins we commit and how to overcome them.
“O wretched man that I am – who will deliver me from this body of death.”
(ROMANS 7:24).

I believe we all sin and this book speaks volumes on what the common sins today are and how to overcome them. It is important to first become aware of what sins are most prevalent in today’s society such as procrastination, overeating, internet, social media, laziness, anxiety and many more.
“Keep away from worldly desires that wage war against your very should.”
(1 Peter 2:11)

What are the top Temptations according to Todd Hunter the author? Todd talks about them as he found his statistics from the “Barna Survey.”

1. Being stuck in a rut of apprehension about life.
2. Habits of procrastination cannot do what needs to be done in a timely manner.
3. Temptation to eat too much.
4. Temptations to electronic devices and social media in the internet.
5. Laziness is a huge temptation by not working as hard as expected in their occupations.

If you are a Christian and struggle with any sin or temptations this is an easy to read book with scriptures to back up all of his claims. Todd knows how to capture your attention as he has struggled often and failed with sins in his life. He has thirty years of pastoral experience and he now teaches how to let God have control of you and your sins.

If you need a solution to your own temptations Todd points to practical, biblical, and time tested solutions. He has a prayer to pray at the end of every chapter to help you in any struggle you might be having today.
© 2012 Jackie Paulson all rights reserved.

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Abundance and the Secret Law of Attraction
by David Lowell
Edition: Flexibound
Availability: Currently unavailable

3 used & new from $14.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:The Law of Attraction Secrets you did not know of., February 11, 2012

This review is from: Abundance and the Secret Law of Attraction (Flexibound)

Abundance and the Secret law of Attraction by David William Lowell

I received this book for free from […] for my review. David Lowell grew up in Warwick, Rhode Island, USA and acquired two degrees one in Civil Engineering and German. He is married to Pamela David’s message is to stay positive 24/7 and in his book he teaches more than just the law of attraction but how to stay positive in difficult situations we deal with every single day with examples.
“The ego is I in his book and True Self is separate from the mind and body, which is the principle behind life, action, feeling and thought.”

It is important to know how our ego works in everyday life vs. the true self. What I love best is his example of learning how to do everything out of gratitude and in serving others so our ego doesn’t get in our way. He also shows us how to smile “all the time” even if you are in a bad mood, because it turns the negativity into positive energy and changes the mood around us.

The real life examples can help anyone take a bad attitude and turn it into positive. For example, in dealing with others who are just down and out we need to send love to them. Just changing our karma to good will help the other person change around you or flee elsewhere. I know from experience that it works.
This book is not the same old “law of attraction” of ask, believe, receive and faith. It is much more in depth and helps the skeptics feel better about themselves and the world around them.

© 2012 Jackie Paulson

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The Jesus We Missed: The Surprising Truth About the Humanity of Christ
by Patrick Henry Reardon
Edition: Paperback
Price: $10.87
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51 used & new from $8.40

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:The Jesus Known by the Apostles in That Era, February 11, 2012

This review is from: The Jesus We Missed: The Surprising Truth About the Humanity of Christ (Paperback)

The Jesus we Missed by Patrick Henry Reardon is the senior editor of touchstone,
this book is foreword by Russell D Moore whom is a Doctor. Dr. Moore is the Dean of the School of Theology and Senior Vice-President for Academic Administration at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He also serves as a preaching pastor at Highview Baptist Church, where he ministers weekly at the congregation’s Fegenbush location. Moore is the author of several books, including The Kingdom of Christ, Adopted for Life, and Tempted and Tried.

I would like to share that BookSneeze gave me a copy for my honest review. This book is definitely not for the non believer and it is more of a theology book verses just a book to read. In theology the reading is more in depth and harder to read in just one sitting. I would say it is great as a reference and has many scriptures to back up his claims. Seeing that I already know my bible and have read it cover to cover 8 times I already knew most of which the author spoke of and did not learn of new things of the four gospels and its claims. It does go into talking about Mary the Mother of Jesus and that is something most readers should understand.

Here is the CONTENTS PAGE:

* Growing up
* Two conversations
* Baptism
* The human Condition
* The public Ministry
* Learning and Teaching
* Jesus at Prayer
* Jesus and the Women
* The growing crisis
* The Garden
* The bridegroom Is Taken away
* Risen in the Flesh
* Epilogue

Quotes: “The best treatment of the humanity of our Lord Jesus that I’ve ver encountered.” Russell D. Moore
Jackie Paulson © 2012

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The Only Lesson
by Bill McKenna
Edition: Paperback
Price: $9.18
Availability: In Stock

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Life, Love and Forgiveness, February 3, 2012

This review is from: The Only Lesson (Paperback)

The Only Lesson by Bill McKenna
Balboa Press (Hay House)
Published in 2011
To have this book in my possession is not an accident. It gives one central message: Love everyone unconditionally, as God loves each of us.”
And how did I receive this book?
* It was given to me by Bill McKenna.
* Bill is one of twelve children
* Bill is the third oldest
* He learned Martial Arts by age 8
* Black belt by age 20
* Flew airplanes
* Helicopters
* Bought yacht in Mexico
* Become a billionaire
* Depressed
* Many failed relationships
* Ran races
* Sky dived
* And on St Pats Day Bill almost died when his parachute collapsed
* He grew up in a strict Irish Catholic family, and so did I.
Bill grew up as an angry child because one day he was wrestling with his dad and one day Bill accidently hit a “low spot” on his father and his father kicked him out of the room. After that, Bill heard his father beating up his mother and after that Bill lived in fear of his father and what might erupt at any moment every day of his life. Thus, Bill decided to spend as much time as he could away from the home to avoid conflict and beatings.
When Bill was 18 he finally left home.
Bill had a talent which involved dreams, where he could dream it and then it came true for him and his life.
Bill and Michelle are put together as a couple and she is an Intuitive, clairvoyant and very empathic. Since Bill fell in love with her and did not understand her he studied every book he could to help him find out how she could predict things and knows things before they even happened. Did you know that other people’s thoughts or feelings can be felt by emphatics’? I knew this as I am an empathic myself.
In order to be intuitive we have to tune into our spirit guides and angels and Michelle was an expert at this. Bill however was not so good at it and needed to learn how to do this in order to understand things Michelle could do with her talent.
Bill talks about how hard it is to forgive others and in order to be healthy we all need to learn how to forgive even if the other person knows or does not know. On page 19, “it’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get sick.”
Bill learned young in life how to put up a wall between himself and others and especially his father. This lesson Bill learned and is a gift and in order to heal we must forgive others and stop putting up a wall even if it means confronting the one whom needs forgiving. This in turn heals our souls.
“Resentments are emotionally keeping us handcuffed to the other person.” Now that is such a great truth. If we resent a person we have not forgiven the other person. Thus, forgiveness and unconditional love are needed in order to be complete and whole as a person.
At the end of each chapter Bill gives all of the lessons he has learned for example on page 23:
A major block to accessing intuition is not forgiving.
I get no real life benefits from retained resentments.
I can forgive and not condone.
I am punished when I do not forgive, not the person that needs forgiving.
Forgiveness is a gift for me.
My resentments handcuffed me to the very people I did not want to be connect to.
Resentments shrink our world and create a prison for us.
When I forgive it changes me and the other person.
When I forgive I become free to go where I want when I want.
The people that I needed to give were here to help and teach me.
Bill McKenna and his wife, Michelle, live in Southern California.
© 2012 Jackie Paulson All Rights Reserved

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Narcissistic Predicaments: A Biblical Guide To Navigating The Schemes, Snares, And No-Win Situations Unique To Abusive Families
by Sister Renee Pittelli
Edition: Paperback
Price: $20.44
Availability: Usually ships in 1 to 3 weeks

28 used & new from $19.06

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:How to deal with Narcissistic parents growing up in a world full of negatitivity, February 3, 2012

This review is from: Narcissistic Predicaments: A Biblical Guide To Navigating The Schemes, Snares, And No-Win Situations Unique To Abusive Families (Paperback)

TITLE: Narcissistic Predicaments by Sister Renee Pittelli
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc
Genre/Market: Religion, Christian Life, Family
Publication Date: 2010
Price: $ 22.95
Soft copy
5 Out of 5 points

Headline for Book Review: How to deal with Narcissistic parents growing up in a world of all negativity

Quote: “Jesus never tells us to forgive someone who is not remorseful or who is unwilling to change their ways.”
When ReviewTheBook dot com sent me this book for free to do an honest review I had no idea what this book involved. I wanted to read on how to deal with Narcissistic people whom are in my own life. What I found out was that and so much more.
If you grew up with someone that was always negative and no supporting of you and your life and ideas then this book helps you get out of it forever. The author talks about the 21 Rules of No Contact and the 102 Questions to Ask Yourself when deciding whether to end an abusive relationship. You will answer those questions from your heart and be able to use the tools and strategies to overcome those whom have hurt your life in the past and how to deal with them now.
The author Sister Renee Pittelli has tons of scriptures to back up her claims which help the reader recover from the narcissistic person(s) in their lives.
Do you ever wonder what you can expect in the future, and how you will feel years from now if your abusers are no longer in your life? This book will tell you how to get away from it all and start living your full life the way it’s supposed to be. This book helps us to set boundaries so that the abusive person(s) may not have our permission to keep violating our lives.
Lessons from the author:
* Eventually they will lose their ability to impact you emotionally
* They’re not even in the ballpark of normal, and they never were.
* They are never going to be a part of your life again.
* Not everyone is going to hurt you.
* Healing takes time, but you will heal.

* © 2012 Jackie Paulson All Rights Reserved

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The Complete Being: Finding And Loving the Real You
by Tami Brady
Edition: Paperback
Price: $14.00
Availability: In Stock

28 used & new from $4.56

Finding and Loving your life Purpose, February 3, 2012

This review is from: The Complete Being: Finding And Loving the Real You (Paperback)

The Complete Being by Tami Brady

Genre/Market: spiritual, psychology, self help

Publisher: Loving Healing Press

Publication Date: 2006, May

Pages: 124

Soft copy

4 Out of 5 points

The Complete Being by Tami Brady

Headline for Review: Finding and Loving your life Purpose

Tami Brady has a M.A. in Archaeology and Heritage and owns an archaeological consulting company. She writes 4 regular columns for print online media, has ghostwritten four ebooks, and has published over a dozen articles.

Tami had a conversation with her brother one day about how sad her life was and her brother said, “why not?” Why not live the life of your dream? Why not make room for what is important to you? We all make excuses for why not even I am guilty of that. In order to find our life purpose we all need to stop making excuses and “do it now.” Yes, find the time, energy and money. I believe that when we get our own “ah ha” moment, we do what we really want to do without any excuses. Tami was married with three children when she finally realized that she needed to do something about her life. She then set out on a path that led her to doing what she loved to do. She set tiny goals that finally gave her the motivation to “get going” forward. This book does a great job of laying down the foundation of how to “get going forward” and stop wasting time not knowing what we are here to do. If she can do it, we all can!

Quote from page 124:

” you are you, a unique individual.

You are the compilation of all your




And Physical Aspects.

You are the only one who actually knows

Who you are,

What you believe,

And your most private dreams.

You are the only one who can decide how to live your life.

You are the only one who can ultimately change your life.”

© 2012 Jackie Paulson All Rights Reserved

Price: $3.25
Availability: Auto-delivered wirelessly

195 used & new from $3.25

If you were kidnapped would you want revenge?, January 29, 2012

This review is from: Mist (Kindle Edition)

Mist by J L Wilson
Genre: Mystery

This book was a total page turner; I finished it in one night. A woman named Carolyn O’ Malley at the age of 41 is taken from her house from an intruder on Windsor Street in Pittsburg. As the story is unfolding is where the reader can figure out how it happened and what it all involves. It’s like the reader can feel the emotional scars left behind from the torment she has to deal with from the attacker’s invasion of her home and life.

The story starts out where Carolyn and Ned are together for three years and he acts more of a body guard than a lover. He protects her whenever they may go. So the story tells of this abduction that happened seven years ago.

Carolyn sees a psychologist for treatments, physical therapy, learns marital arts, learns to shoot a gun, and walk again because two of her toes are amputated and wants to meet her attacker head on and murder him for that he has done to her.

What is so interesting is all of this information does not spoil this story and will shock you until the very end. If you have had an abuse of any sort in your life and wish to read this story the twists and turns will take you to the event and all the investigations with a amazing ending.

© 2012 Jackie Paulson

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I Am a Follower: The Way, Truth, and Life of Following Jesus
by Leonard Sweet
Edition: Paperback
Price: $10.87
Availability: Usually ships in 6 to 11 days

46 used & new from $8.30

Sacrifice your life for Christ and follow him, January 28, 2012

This review is from: I Am a Follower: The Way, Truth, and Life of Following Jesus (Paperback)

I am a Follower by Leonard Sweet whom has written over fifty books to date
Genre/Market: Christian, Spiritual, Religion, General
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: 2012
ISBN: 978-0-8499-4638-7
Pages: 260
Soft copy
4 Out of 5 points

To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, “I received this book for free from BookSneeze for this honest review”.

Quote: “The first words Jesus’ disciples heard? Follow me.”

How can you become a better follower of Christ? I know that when I first became a Christian I was a “babe in Christ or baby.” I needed to feed on His words and read the bible. Growing up in an Irish Catholic background, we were not taught to read the bible. We were taught to “follow all the rules.” “Obey,” or be disciplined. It was not until I read the bible and became a “follower of Christ” what that all involved. Yes, we are to take up our cross each day, and lay down our lives for the sake of others and that is what I try to do. In many of my own encounters I have to ask myself, “What would Jesus do?”

Leonard Sweet wrote this book from his heart to be able to encourage all of us to imitate Christ and not on leading but on following Christ. This book will help you discover for yourself the way in which you should walk in Christ and what it means to “Follow Him.”

© 2012 Jackie Paulson All Rights Reserved

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Man Alive: Transforming Your Seven Primal Needs into a Powerful Spiritual Life
by Patrick Morley
Edition: Paperback
Price: $9.57
Availability: In Stock

43 used & new from $7.50

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:Calling all men to Jesus, January 28, 2012

This review is from: Man Alive: Transforming Your Seven Primal Needs into a Powerful Spiritual Life (Paperback)

Man Alive by Patrick Morley who is also the author of 17 books and he has a PHD. He teaches a weekly Bible study to five thousand men, and is the founder of Man in the Mirror. He and his wife, Patsy, live in Winter Park, FL.
Multnomah Books

Genre/Market: Christian, Spiritual
Publication Date: 2012
ISBN: 978-1-60142-386-3
Pages: 194
Soft copy
5 Out of 5 points

Headline for Book Review: Calling all men to Jesus
To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, “I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”.
The opening of this book starts out by telling the story of a man who was inside the world trade center and after he saved lives goes back inside the building only to meet his fate: JESUS.
It is my belief that we all love to hear “hero” stories to help us to understand a point that others make. In this book it does that with a deep meaning and relevant story that the pages just become a thing of the past. He adds scriptures, reflection and discussion questions that would help men in small groups.
What is so touching is that like the story in National Geographic when the one of the horrific forest fires destroys millions of trees and burns everything down; a mother bird took her babies under her wings-yes she dies-but all the babies LIVED. This is what Jesus does for all of us and men need to open their eyes and get back to church and start creating their family example. Life is to be lived and lived for something greater than ourselves and it’s never too late to turn your life back to Christ.
I would recommend this book to men especially and to small groups. This would be a great youth study as well. © Jackie Paulson All Rights Reserved

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BISSELL QuickSteamer Upright Deep Cleaner, 1770
Offered by Allergy Be Gone
Price: $92.99
Availability: In stock. Processing takes an additional 2 to 3 days.

3 used & new from $92.99

Not a steam cleaner but a Nice Cleaner anyhow, January 13, 2012

This review is from: BISSELL QuickSteamer Upright Deep Cleaner, 1770 (Kitchen)

I just got my Bissell QuickStemer and I could not be happier. For the price it was perfect, and light weight. I did need an extension cord because once I started I did not want to stop. I loved that I could see the dirt pulling up and when I emptied it: proved to me it works! I used 1/2 Vinegar and 1/2 Hot water. Easy as 1-2-3.

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Price: $0.99
Availability: Auto-delivered wirelessly

196 used & new from $0.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:The daily grind for a Police Officer, January 13, 2012

This review is from: Curbchek (Kindle Edition)

Curb Chek by Zach Fortier

I received this book complimentary from Zach himself! This book chronicles the experiences of a Police officer’s life. It tells us what the ups and downs are of the Police officers day to day calls. Anyone who is interested in becoming a police officer or who likes this type of work would feel the realities of each story or call Zach displays.

In Chapter one he tells us that “I wonder how the taxpayers might feel if they knew that only three cars patrolled the entire unincorporated are of the county, all that space between the city and town, the wide open patches between the island of civilization. That’s three cars and a sergeant, and maybe a k-9 unit-if we’re lucky.” What I already knew because I had dated a cop in my past for three years and know all about the police industry. I learned the lingo back then and it was crazy to me that they might have two cops on duty for four beats…which means that if they had one accident across town then all the officers would be at that one and no cop patrolled or were able to get to other calls. Talk about pressure! That is reality! I could go on and on but you get my drift and the authors drift. Basically, we as a society are not protected as you may believe.

Before Zach was a police officer he served in the military as a police officer. I had thought that being a police officer would be easier as a civilian job or career once a man did Military experience. In the Military they would train to scan fields and buildings and watch traffic flows for anything out of the ordinary. In the military “you take orders from higher ups.” In the police departments you get a call and just do what you have to do with the training you have learned. Zach talks about being MP and how it lacked opportunities for real experiences because all you did was train and drill and independent thinking was not encouraged. In the MP you learned to handle your weapon in the dark, reloading, unloading, fixing failures by feel, not by sight and learned to shoot effectively at night before the invention of night sights.

In the cop world, it really is the exact opposite. In his book each chapter has a new story or a new call that he experienced firsthand. He had to deal with “almost being killed,” to “making friends with the gang members.” He talks about that few seconds he could have been there to save the “dead woman” by her estranged husband. After telling his life experiences and several failed marriages he finally turns in his badge for a better life.
Jackie Paulson © 2012 All Rights Reserved.

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Cold Quarry (A Frank Pavlicek Novel)
Price: $2.99
Availability: Auto-delivered wirelessly

196 used & new from $0.99

The mystery of the missing Hawk, January 9, 2012

This review is from: Cold Quarry (A Frank Pavlicek Novel) (Kindle Edition)

Cold Quarry by Andy Straka.

I have received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for your review from the author Andy Straka.
This book took me three hours to read on my digital download program. Although I do many book reviews I don’t do many in digital format. I was excited to read this book due to the investigative and mystery settings of this book. There is a “spoil Alert” in this review as it was well worth doing the review and a book I could not put down. If you are into investigation, mystery type books this book will take you all the way through an investigation that the ending will shock you into reality. What I especially liked about this book is the history that the author had done because of his mentioning things like 9-1-1, Oklahoma bombing and Hitler with his pigeons as trained messengers.
Betty and Chester Carew married thirty years and adopted one son named Jason who in the story is eight years old. Chester is a retired chemical engineer. Chester owns a special type of foundry Hawk that he takes on his hunting on the property he owns. Chester has a huge love of animals but especially his bird (ELO).
One day when Betty did not hear back from Chester for a known doctor appointment she called Frank Pavlicek to investigate. As Frank knows the hunting areas of Chester, he heads up to through the woods to get any clues and as he was searching for clues, a masked man tried to kill him. Frank manages to escape and the man runs free.
As the story unfolds three people are found dead and the mystery continues to shock you until the very end.
Written by Jackie Paulson © 2012

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Spirit Wars: Winning the Invisible Battle Against Sin and the Enemy
by Kris Vallotton
Edition: Paperback
Price: $10.39
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39 used & new from $6.79

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:Delivered From the Enemy’s Attacks, January 7, 2012

This review is from: Spirit Wars: Winning the Invisible Battle Against Sin and the Enemy (Paperback)

TITLE: Spirit Wars
Author: Kris Vallotton Foreward by Bill Johnson
It’s the first of January in the year 2012 and I have read two great books so far and the book by Kris Vollotton gave me insights to deliverance and all that it involves that I had not heard of in my past.
What the author tells of his real life story of years being attacked by the devil and his schemes during bouts of heavy anxiety attacks that plague him for years. He tells his story while being married, moving, dealing with his issues, and the birth of two children. This man endures adversity and the devil head on and tells how we can be delivered from attacks that seem to plague us more than one time.

Quote: “I became reclusive and never wanted to be around people.”

After reading that quote and having to deal with my own spiritual battles and depression, I realized I am being attacked and I am not alone.

Isn’t it true that as Christians we tend to retreat at the first sign of conflict because we fail to recognize the true nature of the battle doing on inside us? I have experienced much of demonic bondage, torment and have been delivered myself. Kris is the pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California. He leads a Supernatural Ministry and has been able to deliver others from their demonic oppression, first hand. If you want to win the invisible battle against sin and the devil you need to pick up this book now!

I was given this book for my honest review. © 2011 Jackie Paulson

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How to Publish a Kindle Book with Amazon.com: Everything You Need to Know Explained
by Cynthia Reeser
Edition: Paperback
Price: $16.91
Availability: In Stock

25 used & new from $14.63

How to Publish a Kindle with Amazon: The digital Age, January 2, 2012

This review is from: How to Publish a Kindle Book with Amazon.com: Everything You Need to Know Explained (Paperback)

How to Publish a Kindle Book with Amazon.com: Everything You Need to Know Explained

In order to learn one must read. If you are someone who wants to publish a kindle book with Amazon then this book is all you will need as a complete how to guide and resource.

Here is the Table of Contents as it explains the details that you will want to know:

Chapter 1: Power to the People: the Revolutionary Amazon Kindle
Chapter 2: Getting Started: Amazon and the Digital Platform
Chapter 3: Chasing in: Amazon Payment Process
Chapter 4: Creating and publishing a kindle ebook using digital platform
Chapter 5: Publishing for Mobipocket and mobile devices
Chapter 6: Kindle Publishing for blogs, newspapers and magazines
Chapter 7: Marketing and promotion
Chapter 8: Making the most of the internet and social media
Chapter 9: Reviews and managing published work
Chapter 10: Generating ideas for new content
Chapter 11: Staying abreast of changes in the industry
Cynthia R. Reeser really knows how to explain every aspect of the Kindle publishing process that anyone can easily follow through and publish with Amazon. She mentions that we live in a Information age and with that said that with modern technology changing it is important to check her information and resources for the most up to date material. If you want to publish your ebook electronically I would suggest picking up this complete how to book today.

I did a review free for ReviewTheBook.com as The Reviewer Guidelines have asked. © 2012 Jackie Paulson

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The Complete User’s Guide to the Amazing Amazon Kindle Keyboard (Formerly Known as the Kindle 3 or Kindle 3G)
Price: $2.99
Availability: Auto-delivered wirelessly

195 used & new from $2.99

How to use a Kindle Keyboard from Amazon from A-Z, December 31, 2011

This review is from: The Complete User’s Guide to the Amazing Amazon Kindle Keyboard (Formerly Known as the Kindle 3 or Kindle 3G) (Kindle Edition)

I wanted to read The Complete User’s Guide to the Amazing Amazon Kindle Keyboard ebook because I yet do not own a Kindle. In making any choice to purchase an item new on the market I love to research what it is all about. I have to say that what I loved most about the ebook is that it tells you everything you need to know about the Kindle Keyboard and how to work it in detail with photos. The font was easy to read and the display of the text was very well done. I felt like there was too much information but that is because I am in the process of finding resources to learn about the Kindle and this ebook gives advanced detail for when I do buy one there would be no need for future book purchases.
From popular outdoors author Bruce Grubbs and bestselling Kindle author Stephen Windwalker, editor of the #1 blog and newsletter for Kindle owners at […], the most complete and up-to-date resource yet on how to get the most out of your Kindle Keyboard (formerly known as the Kindle 3 or Kindle 3G).
“I received a complimentary copy of this book in order to review it.” © 2011

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by Aaron Paul Lazar
Edition: Paperback
Price: $5.73
Availability: In Stock

14 used & new from $5.73

A Mystery, A Tornado, A Death, and much more…., December 30, 2011This review is from: FireSong (Paperback)TITLE: FireSong
Author: AARON PAUL LAZARI was very excited to receive a free book by the author of this book for my honest review. I do a lot of reading and this book was my first of his. I really did not know what to expect as the author took me into the “real life” experience of being involved in Mother Nature and its horrific terror. I felt like I was at the events that happened and wanted to help the characters as I kept reading.
The Main character is Gus LeGarde who resides in the small town of East Goodland (Genesee Valley) where he is employed as a music professor at the local college. Except for the occasional mystery, he lives a quiet, happy life, surrounding himself with the things he loves most including his family and friends, his dogs, classical music, and cooking and gardening.

The story begins when, one warm Sunday evening, as Gus is attending the local parish with his family, a tornado sweeps by and unearths a dead body that had been secretly buried in the grounds of the church years ago. On closer inspection, the body turns out to be that of Gus’ friend, a man who had disappeared under mysterious circumstances a few years ago. Now the mystery takes its twists and turns and keeps the reader wanting to know more as the investigation takes place.

From historical Indian grounds, to stolen money, to the Underground Railroad, to a thunderous fire that nearly takes his life and that of his beloved grandson, FireSong is an entertaining ride that will be enjoyed by fans of mysteries.

© 2011 Jackie Paulson

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