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Jackie Paulson 2009

Jackie Paulson 2009

Hello, my name is Jackie Paulson. I am a 47 year old single mother born on 12-12-1966 with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. The one thing I find true for me that stands out in the traits of the zodiac sign is “Knowledge is Power.”
I love to read and learn from others as a life-long knowledge and truthseeker. The reason why I blog is to mainly network and share knowledge with others. My passion is reading and research so this helps me to share what I know. I can read 167 pages of any book in two hours with complete comprehension of what I have read. I was not always a good reader and that all changed once I got married. The reason it changed is because I wanted to “fix” my husband at that time. He was a drinker and so was I. Of course I did not think I had a problem I thought he did. What I did was to get my hands on every self help book I could get my hands on to learn how to “fix” my husband, because I loved him. I wanted him to change or to stop drinking. Eventually, I was invited to an Alcohol Anonymous meeting with a friend and I took her upon the offer. I have to admit my only goal was to “fix” my husband’s drinking problem. What I found out was that I could not “fix” anyone but “myself.” Low and behold, I changed and quit drinking and my husband did not. I learned how I could “detach” from my husband and his drinking and fill the void with things that “I” loved to do.
I got married on 2-22-92 and got divorced on 3-26-95 and I had our baby on 2-14-94. Yes, a short marriage to an alcoholic, a divorce with a 1-year-old which led me to being a single mother working three Jobs just to survive. My ex husband was unfaithful in our marriage which led to our divorce. I was born and raised Catholic and divorce was not an option unless he broke one of the Ten Commandments and since he did I was free to divorce and remarry, which I have not. I received “sole custody” of our daughter and raised her the best way I knew how and now she is going to be 19 on Valentine’s Day 2013. Yes, I am a Proud Mother!
Okay, so to make a long story short, I have been in an ongoing battle to get child support from my ex husband and he has been remarried and has a 12 +?- year old son. Here it is 2013 and my ex owes me over 79,650.04 as of 11/10/2012. You wonder how come so much? He is Delinquent and when that happens there is penalties and interest that built up over the years. What is crazy is how “dead beat dads” like him can live “knowing” they do not support the child they helped to create into this world. It takes “two” to have a child and it take’s “two” to support a child. I did my part by raising her the best way I could, working many jobs to make ends meet, and taking on all the responsibility that a single parent does, and then my ex did not see what I had to do just to survive. So, if he did care he would have paid his child support, “actions speak louder than words.”
Just knowing that your thoughts are with me,
Warms me when I am cold.
Remembering your gentle touch,
Soothes away my tears.
The miles between us,
Keeps us strong.
A strength that brings visions,
Of times yet to be shared,
By a special guy like… YOU! © 2010 Written by Jackie Paulson

Who Am I? Jackie Paulson

I am a mother, writer, animal lover, aunt, daughter, avid reader, employee, nature lover, blogger

1.What brings you pain and what do you passionately complain the most about?

a)Animal abuse
b)Un- justice
c)My first marriage
d)Job market in economic times, world
e)Abuse of people,
g)People taking advantage of others when they are down and out

2.(The opposite of this highlights your gift and purpose.) What is the opposite?

a) Animal lover
b)Justice-paralegal, law
c)Faithfulness in marriage
d)Equality and jobs for all
e)Freedom to express self and get help
f)All homeless need a home
g)Helping others in their troubles

Sandra Bullock

Yanni, Enya,

World Peace
Book Reviews

Reading, writing, research, law, helping others,

un -Justice, animal abuse, people who are homeless- we need to stand up to these.

My hobbies are reading, writing, blogging, poetry or writing poems.



13 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Thank you for following LeAnn’s Book Reviews. I just wanted to let you know that I moved the blog over to http://shirleyfrancesbooksandmore.com.

    Thank you again!!


  2. Love the poem, Jackie!


  3. Thank you Jackie for the likes. Hope you enjoy my other poetry 🙂


  4. lucindasagemidgorden said:

    Jackie, I found your website a while back, and am finally getting to the checking-it-out stage. I’m a book lover too. After years of doing other creative things, which are too many to list here, I finally realized that I wanted to be a writer. A year ago I started a weekly blog, Sage Woman Chronicles. I’ve published a children’s book and am getting my first novel ready for publication.

    Though the details of your life story are different than mine, one thing is the same. The pain and struggles. We all have those. It’s wonderful that you came through yours with a deep sense of purpose. I look forward to reading your blog and reviews.


  5. You recently visited my blog – many thanks. I am the author of two Pushcart Prize nominated books? If I sent you a copy of each, might you review them? If no, I understand.

    Let me know. All the best!!

    S. Thomas Summers (Scott)


  6. thanks so much for the ‘like’ Jackie–from one Sagittarian to another. You’re a strong woman! Proud of you!


  7. Walter Eick said:

    Hi Jackie, I just read “Someday Street.” Do you know the history of it? I believe it came from Attica State Correctional Facility in New York State


  8. Your story is sad and inspirational at the same time, Jackie. I’m so sorry about your struggles to get your ex to step up to his responsibilities. I am a strong believer in karma, though and believe that all the effort and determination you spent raising your daughter will come back as blessings to you.


  9. Although not an uncommon story Jackie it is and makes sad reading. You have every right to be proud. All the best.


  10. Jackie, it pains me to read about your former husband not stepping up for his child. Many women I know and have children are in a similar position. Personally.. I think your daughter deserved much better as did you. I believe you did a wonderful job raising your daughter and would dare say she is as Gorgeous as her mother! Thank you for being you, we are fellow Sagitarians by the way 🙂 Joe


  11. Thanks for following my blog! 🙂


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