The ONLY Lesson by Bill McKenna

The Only Lesson by Bill McKenna

Balboa Press (Hay House)

Published in 2011

To have this book in my possession is not an accident.  It gives one central message: Love everyone unconditionally, as God loves each of us.”

And how did I receive this book?

  • It was given to me by Bill McKenna.
  • Bill is one of twelve children
  • Bill is the third oldest
  • He learned Martial Arts by age 8
  • Black belt by age 20
  • Flew airplanes
  • Helicopters
  • Bought yacht in Mexico
  • Become a billionaire
  • Depressed
  • Many failed relationships
  • Ran races
  • Sky dived
  • And on St Pats Day Bill almost died when his parachute collapsed
  • He grew up in a strict Irish Catholic family, and so did I.

Bill grew up as an angry child because one day he was wrestling with his dad and one day Bill accidentally hit a “low spot” on his father and his father kicked him out of the room.  After that, Bill heard his father beating up his mother and after that Bill lived in fear of his father and what might erupt at any moment every day of his life. Thus, Bill decided to spend as much time as he could away from the home to avoid conflict and beatings.

When Bill was 18 he finally left home.

Bill had a talent which involved dreams, where he could dream it and then it came true for him and his life.

Bill and Michelle are put together as a couple and she is an Intuitive, clairvoyant and very empathic. Since Bill fell in love with her and did not understand her he studied every book he could to help him find out how she could predict things and knows things before they even happened.  Did you know that other people’s thoughts or feelings can be felt by emphatics’?  I knew this as I am an empathic myself.

In order to be intuitive we have to tune into our spirit guides and angels and Michelle was an expert at this.  Bill however was not so good at it and needed to learn how to do this in order to understand things Michelle could do with her talent.

Bill talks about how hard it is to forgive others and in order to be healthy we all need to learn how to forgive even if the other person knows or does not know.  On page 19, “it’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get sick.”

Bill learned young in life how to put up a wall between himself and others and especially his father.  This lesson Bill learned and is a gift and in order to heal we must forgive others and stop putting up a wall even if it means confronting the one whom needs forgiving. This in turn heals our souls.

Resentments are emotionally keeping us handcuffed to the other person.”  Now that is such a great truth.  If we resent a person we have not forgiven the other person.  Thus, forgiveness and unconditional love are needed in order to be complete and whole as a person.

At the end of each chapter Bill gives all of the lessons he has learned for example on page 23:

A major block to accessing intuition is not forgiving.

I get no real life benefits from retained resentments.

I can forgive and not condone.

I am punished when I do not forgive, not the person that needs forgiving.

Forgiveness is a gift for me.

My resentments handcuffed me to the very people I did not want to be connected to.

Resentments shrink our world and create a prison for us.

When I forgive it changes me and the other person.

When I forgive I become free to go where I want when I want.

The people who I needed to give were here to help and teach me.

Bill McKenna and his wife, Michelle, live in Southern California.

© 2012 Jackie Paulson All Rights Reserved


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