Ascent From Darkness by Mike Leehan





Author:  Michael Leehan is an evangelist and minister.  He serves through Solus Christus Ministries, a nonprofit organization that offers hope and redemption through the power of God’s Love, Truth, and Knowledge of His Word.

ISBN Number:  978-0-8499-4703-2

Publisher:  Thomas Nelson

Genre/Market:  Religion, Christian, Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance

Publication Date: 2011

Book Length: 255 Pages

Price:  $15.95


5 Out of 5 points

Headline for Book Review: Deliverance from the snares of the Devil

I have to thank BookSneeze for this wonderful book delivered for my honest review.  I finished this book in one day as I could not put it down.  I am a faithful servant of Christ and I have to let all of the readers know that before you open this book to say a prayer.  This is something you will need as the author Michael will tell you his true story of his demonic oppression with Satan and the real life events that took place.  I have an extensive research background and faith in Christ in order to be able to read this book and not be overcome with the words the Devil and his schemes.  I have done research on the “Cults.”  This book is not for everyone.  I wanted to read it because of the words “TRUE STORY.”  Those stories are what everyone needs to hear.

“This gripping story from darkness to light will move you.  Challenge you.  Inspire you. And change you.”  Craig Groeschel, Senior Pastor,

“To those who struggle and strive to get through each day in a world that seems detached and broken.”

Mike tried to commit suicide and with a drug overdose.  The scary thing is that I know many who have tried to do just that, those whom did succeed and those whom did not.  It is my belief that there are two kinds of people in the world: God’s People and Satan’s People.  It was Michael’s belief that if God did not help him and God abandoned him that he should just turn his life over to Satan.  I was amazed at how Mike lived his life during his struggle of God vs. Satan.  I wish not to disclose the depths of the experiences Mike had with the Satan rituals as it is a real realm of oppression that is not for all to hear or read.  But, I assure you that what he experiences, was REAL.

For 20 years of Michael Leehan’s life he lived and worked for Satan.  At age 33, he made a decision to serve Satan and his demons.  In the end Michael accepts Christ as His Lord and Savoir and carries out the assignment that the Lord wants him to do and to this day he is a faithful servant of Christ.  I would love to meet Mike in person!

Jackie Paulson © 2011 All Rights Reserved

Thank you, God, for helping me to know that all that

I seek is coming to me now. Thank you, God, for

allowing me to feel, right now, the peace that comes

with gratitude for what is, replacing the yearning for

what is not. Thank you for bringing me the understanding

that from the isness comes all that is now not, but will

surely be. Let me stay, then, in the isness.


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