TITLE: FireSong


I was very excited to receive a free book by the author of this book for my honest review.  I do a lot of reading and this book was my first of his.  I really did not know what to expect as the author took me into the “real life” experience of being involved in Mother Nature and its horrific terror.  I felt like I was at the events that happened and wanted to help the characters as I kept reading.

The Main character is Gus LeGarde who resides in the small town of East Goodland (Genesee Valley) where he is employed as a music professor at the local college. Except for the occasional mystery, he lives a quiet, happy life, surrounding himself with the things he loves most including his family and friends, his dogs, classical music, and cooking and gardening.
The story begins when, one warm Sunday evening, as Gus is attending the local parish with his family, a tornado sweeps by and unearths a dead body that had been secretly buried in the grounds of the church years ago. On closer inspection, the body turns out to be that of Gus’ friend, a man who had disappeared under mysterious circumstances a few years ago.   Now the mystery takes its twists and turns and keeps the reader wanting to know more as the investigation takes place.
From historical Indian grounds, to stolen money, to the Underground Railroad, to a thunderous fire that nearly takes his life and that of his beloved grandson, FireSong is an entertaining ride that will be enjoyed by fans of mysteries.

© 2011 Jackie Paulson

1 thought on “FireSong by AARON PAUL LAZAR”

  1. Hi, Jackie! Thanks for the lovely review! Happy New Year. ;o)


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