FrameShifting by David K. Banner PhD

Title of Book:  Frameshifting






Author:  David K. Banner PhD was raised in Ft. Worth, Texas and with an agnostic father and an Episcopalian mother.

ISBN Number:  9978-1-932690-55-2

Publisher:  Loving Healing Press

Genre/Market:  Philosophy/Metaphysics

Publication Date: 2011

Book Length:  152 Pages

Price:  $19.95

Soft copy

5 Out of 5 points

Headline for Book Review: Master your ego and conquer your personality.

When Loving Healing Press released a copy of this book for me to review I couldn’t wait to learn more about this book.

QUOTE: “Taking care of the interests of others is the best form of selfishness.”  Dalai Lama

This book walks you through:

  • Discovering your unknown limiting beliefs
  • Achieve higher stages of our consciousness
  • Breaking free from the boundaries of the ego
  • Understanding people in your life more empathetically
  • Become spiritually aware and grow

It explores the ego and consciousness and how we need to let go of our ego which wants to control our current beliefs, attitude, and values.  To discover our divine self it is important to understand how our minds, ego and personalities work.   What I enjoyed most was the part on page 92 which covers the Enneagram.  The Enneagram is the nine personality types that each of us fall under atleast one of them.  I learned that I am the #1 type which is the Reformer.  I also found that if you study these you can learn about your relationships and be able to understand them more.  I would recommend this book to those who wish to learn about our Ego’s, our Personalities, Metaphysics and Philosophy.  Written by Jackie Paulson © 2011


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