The Cause within you by Matthew Barnett


The Cause within You: Finding the One Great Thing You Were Created to Do in This World
The Cause within You: Finding the One Great Thing You Were Created to Do in This World
by George Barna
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Cause Within You by Matthew Barnett, June 8, 2011
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The Cause Within You by Matthew Barnett
If you are searching for meaning and purpose to your life this book will help guide you to finding it. “Discover the cause God has for you.”

Matthew Barnett is cofounder with his father, Pastor Tommy Barnett of The Dream Center in Los Angeles. His father is also the senior pastor of the historical Angelus Temple.
When Matthew Barnett sees someone with a need, he sets out to fill it and that includes searching for hurt people that need healing.

Quote: “Tonight is the 15th Anniversary of the beginning of The Dream Center, in which we help to restore the shattered dreams and empty lives of broken people.” Page 3

The story unfolds by Matthew spending the night of his 15th Anniversary on the streets of Los Angeles, with the homeless community who suffer.

Quote: “I’d been praying all night that the Lord would give me somebody to help, and then He delivered Annette to me.” Page 26

God wants us to enjoy serving others by doing what we are naturally talented at. If you have a talent that comes naturally to you God will bless it; as he did with Matthew Barnett.

At the end of each chapter Matthew writes, “WHAT I’VE LEARNED.” These pointers will help you to find exactly what it is that you are naturally great at doing and guide you along your path to finding it.

This is book would be a great group study as it has questions at the back of the book for discussion, loaded with scriptures.

Matthews other book includes “The Church That Never Sleeps.”
© 2011 written by Jackie Paulson

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