Where do I post my reviews?

 Where do I post my reviews?

Once you have your free book, we ask you to read (and enjoy!) your book and, within a month’s time, post your personal review of the book on one of the following sites:

  1. * Amazon.com
  2. * Anobii.com
  3. * Barnesandnoble.com
  4. * Bookarmy.com
  5. * Borders.com
  6. * Goodreads.com
  7. * Librarything.com
  8. * Shelfari.com
  9. * Weread.com

Where do I post the reviews?

The mandatory sites are:

Reviewers will choose 7 other sites from this list: (If you have a suggestion of another place to post please contact us and we will consider adding it to the list.)

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