Gifts from the Child Within 2nd Edition by Barbara Sinor, PhD

Title of Book:  Gifts from the Child Within 2nd Edition by Barbara Sinor, PhD

Author:  Barbara Sinor, PhD has her own private counseling practice for over 25 years.  She received her Doctorate in Psychology at the Southern California University for Professional Studies in 1997.  She has a Master of Arts degree in John F. Kennedy University’s Graduate School for the Study of Human Consciousness majoring in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology.  

ISBN Number:  978-1-932690-46-0

Publisher:  Loving Healing Press Inc.

Genre/Market:  Psychology/Psychotherapy/Counseling/Self Help

Publication Date: 2008

Book Length:  224 Pages

Price:  $20.95

Soft copy

5 Out of 5 points

Headline for Book Review: A practical workbook for self-discovery and healing

“I received this book for free from and from Loving Healing Press Inc. in Ann Arbor, Michigan for this review.”

I wanted to learn all about my own “child within” and thus decided to do a free book review.  This book addresses so many self help issues that many individuals seem to have.  I was a victim of my circumstances, or so I thought.  I think recovery is the key to self healing and a process that makes us look at our old patterns and wounds from our childhood.  This book addresses just that!  If you have been traumatized and violated in any form this book walks you step by step on how to recovery and some may take a lifetime to overcome depending on the issue.

Quote from Chapter 7: “We heal by remembering, literally bringing back into the wholeness of our being that which we have lost by hiding it from ourselves.” ~ Joan Borysenko

The codependency chapter on page 119 brought some self reflection for me!  I learned that if we put “conditions” on others in order to get them to love us, then that is a form of false love.  For example, “I will do anything you say, be anything you want” is a conditional statement of non-loving.  Whereas unconditional love says, “I love myself and desire to share that love with you.”   I have to say this is the way I was raised as a child and I have to learn to overcome this as an adult.

I know that I do not want to be a “victim” of life and that I want the freedom of choice.  Although it is going to be a learning process and Barbra really does help my inconsistencies with all of my own issues.  If you want to learn to recover and do positive affirmations this journey will take time, but it is well worth doing in order to be your authentic self.

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