It’s Your Kid not a Gerbil

Book Review: It’s Your Kid not a Gerbil by Doctor Kevin Leman

TITLE:  It’s Your Kid not a Gerbil by Dr. Kevin Leman

Publisher:  Tyndale House Publishers, Inc (Carol Stream, Illinois)

Published: August 2011
ISBN-10: 1589976150
ISBN-13: 978-1589976153
Paperback: 251 pages
List Price: $14.99
eBook: $14.99


5 out of 5 points

Genre/Market: Family, Christian, Spiritual

Headline for Book Review: Get off the tread mill of the busy modern Information Age.

About the Book:  I really enjoyed this book because it’s based on the truth that kids in the 21st century  can text faster than we can talk and that they know more about technology than most of their parents.  It’s an “instant” society or world where parents and kids want things fast and “right now,” whether it is the latest gadget or newest built toy.  Did you know that parents can buy PDA’s(personal digital assistants) for their kids to schedule homework between their social activities outside of schools?

Every child is unique and they need to be treated that way and not as just another person who will conform to the rules of institutions, media, society, and parents etc.  Kids today have more expectations expected of them than ever before.  It’s like the parents want their children to have, be and do more than they themselves had when they grew up.  What Dr. Leman does is explain how parents need to get off the “activity” wheel and start spending more time with their children.  On page 13 are ideas on how to get off the busyness of this modern-day by:

  • Resisting the trend to try to do everything.
  • Decided what is best for your own family and not what others expect of you.
  • Choosing activities that involve more family time.
  • Block out time in your busy day do be home and spend quality time with your children.

“When U.S. teens were asked where they would most like to spend more time, they said “being home with my family more.”  After each chapter Dr. Leman gives questions to help parents make the right choices concerning how they choose to spend their time with their children that will enlighten your day.  His helpful insights will keep parents on the right track of raising their children in the 21st century, which will make a difference in the future generations to come. Tyndale Publishers let me review this book © 2011 Written by Jackie Paulson


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