Quest for Peace by Amrik Binapal


Quest for Peace by Amrik Binapal
Book review written by Jackie Paulson © 2012
QUOTE : “We are just running a race not knowing exactly what we need or what we can do without.”
This is a wonderful book of life at its best and worst in the stream of words of mere poetry. It is written from the heart of the author to chase away the pain and the sorrow once lived. It is in the depth of the words that reminds me of how precious life is and to live in the moment as time slips by. It is in the form of eloquent poetry to sets the story, one by one, fact by fact; thought by thought that captures the reader.
In reading this book I am reminded that life is about experiences and lessons that we can live and learn from and then share with others. We all have pin, joy, suffering, death and in making our way through life we can find the hidden value to share as the author did with many words of wisdom. I feel a genuine passionate from author whom is intelligent, witty and emotional.
I plan to keep this book of poems because it is worth devouring many times over. I might pass it along to my daughter. If I was blessed by this book, I know you will be too!
I received a free copy of this wonderful ebook for my review.



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