Mist by J L Wilson

 Mist by J L Wilson

Genre: Mystery

This book was a total page turner; I finished it in one night.  A woman named Carolyn O’ Malley at the age of 41 is taken from her house from an intruder on Windsor Street in Pittsburg.  As the story is unfolding is where the reader can figure out how it happened and what it all involves.  It’s like the reader can feel the emotional scars left behind from the torment she has to deal with from the attacker’s invasion of her home and life.

The story starts out where Carolyn and Ned are together for three years and he acts more of a body guard than a lover.  He protects her whenever they may go.  So the story tells of this abduction that happened seven years ago.

Carolyn sees a psychologist for treatments, physical therapy, learns marital arts, learns to shoot a gun, and walk again because two of her toes are amputated and wants to meet her attacker head on and murder him for that he has done to her.

What is so interesting is all of this information does not spoil this story and will shock you until the very end.  If you have had an abuse of any sort in your life and wish to read this story the twists and turns will take you to the event and all the investigations with a amazing ending.

© 2012 Jackie Paulson