The Complete Being by Tami Brady

The Complete Being by Tami Brady

Genre/Market:  spiritual, psychology, self help

PublisherLoving Healing Press

Publication Date: 2006, May

Pages: 124

Soft copy

4 Out of 5 points

The Complete Being by Tami Brady

Headline for Review:  Finding and Loving your life Purpose

Tami Brady has a M.A. in Archaeology and Heritage and owns an archaeological consulting company.  She writes 4 regular columns for print online media, has ghostwritten four ebooks, and has published over a dozen articles.

Tami had a conversation with her brother one day about how sad her life was and her brother said, “why not?”  Why not live the life of your dream?  Why not make room for what is important to you?  We all make excuses for why not even I am guilty of that.  In order to find our life purpose we all need to stop making excuses and “do it now.”  Yes, find the time, energy and money.  I believe that when we get our own “ah ha” moment, we do what we really want to do without any excuses.  Tami was married with three children when she finally realized that she needed to do something about her life.  She then set out on a path that led her to doing what she loved to do.  She set tiny goals that finally gave her the motivation to “get going” forward.  This book does a great job of laying down the foundation of how to “get going forward” and stop wasting time not knowing what we are here to do.  If she can do it, we all can!

Quote from page 124:

“ you are you, a unique individual.

You are the compilation of all your




And Physical Aspects.

You are the only one who actually knows

Who you are,

What you believe,

And your most private dreams.

You are the only one who can decide how to live your life.

You are the only one who can ultimately change your life.”

© 2012 Jackie Paulson All Rights Reserved


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