Guerrilla Marketing by Conrad Levinson

Title of Book:  Guerrilla Marketing

Author: Conrad Levinson is the author of the best-selling marketing series in history, “Guerrilla Marketing”, plus 27 other business books.

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing (November 15, 2005)

Jay Conrad Levinson published this book In 2006.  To think that back in 2006, he would know more “marketing in touch times” that would become a benefit for 2011 is amazing.


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Here is what I gathered in my notes as I read and highlighted important parts of his book:

  1. Seek profits from current customers.  (sell  to existing clients).
  2. Follow up with each client once you have them.
  3. If someone knows you they will open your mail sent to them or their “snail” mail vs. if they do not know you.
  4. Follow up by phone calls, emails, mailings
  5. Think of “Additional Services” you can offer your current clients.
  6. Clients want VALUE!  Give them a “Money Back Guarantee.”
    1. If you give a 1 month guarantee you will probably get clients who want a “refund.”
    2. If you give a 6 month guarantee you will get a “less returns” because there is no rush.
    3. If you give a 1 Year guarantee you get almost “0” returns.
    4. LIFETIME Guarantee is the #1 best because
      1. No pressure
      2. No stress for free return
      3. Client feels better
      4. Clients will TRUST you
  • The way you answer your phone and how fast will gain credibility.  Most people or clients do not want to be put on “HOLD.”   I don’t know about you but I am sick of the “Press 1 for this Press 2 for that.”

The author talks about “SETH GODIN” and he is a mighty powerful man!

Seth suggests that you treat your clients with Royalty.  Acknowledge that you appreciate “their’ business by treating each client “special.”  If you are speaking to your client, zone into the client and if the room is busy and loud, make sure you are so focused on your current client that client knows you care.

KEY: Most businesses LOSE clients by “ignoring them.”

There is so much more in the book that I highly recommend it.  I get all of my books through

Jackie Paulson © 2011 All Rights Reserved

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