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Millionaire’s Secrets: Life Lessons in Wisdom and Wealth by Mark Fisher author of The Instant Millionaire

Notes written by Jackie Paulson 3-16-2011

Have you ever said to yourself, “It looks like it’s going to be one of those days when I’ll wish I had not gotten out of bed?”

Have you wanted to quit your job for a more fulfilling one?

The answers to this lies within yourself.

Can you answer this?

ALL I REALLY WANT TO DO IS_________________________________________________.

I HAVE A PASSION FOR______________________________________________________.

If you feel trapped and “in a rut” then it is time to get off your “victim mentality” and get the courage to “follow through” with what you really want to do in your life.

When I was younger and working I had no problem with working long hours, overtime, going in early, having a social life, and meeting everyone’s needs as I was a people pleaser.  This applied to my work life and personal life.  But once I had gotten older that no longer applied to my life.  I wanted more time to myself, to enjoy my life, my friends, my family, to travel less, and to work my five days a week at 40 hours a week.  So when I started out I had a passion for all work and no play.  As I got older I loved to work as it paid the bills, but it was no longer my mission to make money and have no life. What about you?  Is your life all work and no play?  That is no way to live!

Do you say to yourself, “I would do so and so IF I had the MONEY?”

ANSWER:  The real problem is not MONEY, it is your FEAR.  You do not have enough confidence I yourself.  If you had faith, you would succeed.  So as you say you can’t- you will not?  If you say you will, you will.  My favorite quote from the bible is “with God all things are possible.”


  1. Come up with some initial lists of ideas that you want whether it is in your personal life or professional life.  For example, here is my list of things I love; books, reading, horses, cats, learning, studying, law, real life stories, divorce support, single parenting, organizing, cleaning, frugal living, apartment living, holistic healing, Christianity.
  2. Establish your priorities.  Ask yourself: If I had the time to work on only ONE of these ideas, which ONE would I choose?  Which One seems to have the most potential?
  3. Take that ONE thing and concentrate all of your efforts on “making that idea a reality.”

Mark Fisher on page 56 recommends saying to yourself over and over, “Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”  But the secret is to say it OUTLOUD.  He suggests that we need to “live each day as if it were out last.”  So, if you think about what is truly most important to you, and then dedicate yourself to doing that one task until it is completed.  How hard is that?!

If you want to succeed in business or in anything you do the secret is to develop concentration, observation and logic.  People who succeed see the tiny details and discover principles that others do not.  I call it, “thinking outside of the box.”

Distraction is the key to eliminate because concentration takes all our energy and effort.  To succeed at anything, and the ONE thing that is important to you, make it a goal to eliminate all distractions.

Here is a list I came up with:










Yes, it is so hard to still the mind and concentrate wholly on the ONE thing but with practice it can be done.  Another example, I went to get my eyes checked for glasses.  When the doctor asked me to concentrate and look at the box on the wall, I did it.  When she said look to the other side, I did it.  She pointed this bright light into my eyes as I had to concentrate on what she wanted.  To get the end results of my eye exam, I had to give her what she wanted for the proper diagnoses to formulate the glasses to my vision or lack of vision. The doctor, when finished said that I was one in a million that could actually do what she said without being distracted and that my concentration level was above her other patients.

I believe this is exactly what Mark Fisher wants from each of us.

Do you know of Thomas Edison who created the light bulb?  Well, he didn’t give up just because his first effort failed.  He tried ten thousand different times and did not give up.  He tried and did not stop     until he accomplished his goal of the light bulb.  Never, did Thomas Edison give up!

On page 73 Mark Fisher states, “Concentrating means sacrificing all other activities.  It means directing all your thoughts, all your emotions all your energy, all the force in your body, nerves, and hormones-everything toward that ONE single goal.  It means making your entire being ardently desire the same things, and sustaining that desire for days, months or even years.  That is what Sacrifice is.”  I call this, “present moment living.”

Another example we are well aware of is when we put on a movie that we really want to watch, and when the wife, mother, _____________ calls our name to come get dinner and we don’t hear them.  Why?  We are concentrating so hard that we don’t hear anything in the back ground.  I know I am guilty of this one!