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 Going to prison is easy getting out is hard, June 11, 2014

By Jackie Paulson “Addicted to Reading” (Chicago IL)
This review is from: To The Lions – A Gage Hartline Thriller (Kindle Edition)

This is a page turning thriller as a former Army soldier, Gage, ends one life to become a hero in a new life. Ernesto Navarro, a gangster in Barcelona, wants Gage to take up residence in Berga Prison, where he fears his son, Cesar, may be targeted by a rival gang group. The book reminds me of “A Prophet” movie as it shows the early beatings and intimidation to rise through the ranks of gangsters within the prison walls. Violence is something that inmates deal with which can lead to some harsh scenes to which the book “To the Lions” is very similar. Gage is offered a large sum of money to rescue Cesar and while doing so begins a romance with Justina, whom is a polish woman he has rescued from a Russian club. All readers will enjoy Gages in his character role as he is an undercover agent and getting into the prison is much easier than trying to get out. In the name of love and to stay alive Gage stays in his predicament for two years instead of just a short month’s time. You will love this realistic cook and the way the author portrays each of his characters in a way readers will be reminded of at least one prison movie they watched in their past. I don’t know, would you want to go into prison for a large sum of money to help out a friend in need or would you rather not? © 2014 Jackie Paulson

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