A book review – An Enigmatic Escape: A Trilogy by Dan Groat

  For those who are not familiar with the word Trilogy it is a group of  related novels. In doing a review I try to make it basic and pleasurable to the reader because if the lingo is hard to understand than the book is not something I would want to share or read.  This book, “An Enigmatic Escape: A Trilogy,” tells three separate stories of about the Blaylock brothers (Warren, Randal and Clarence).Warren Ernest Blaylock, Randal McLean Blaylock and Clarence Jackson Blaylock were 11, 17 and 19 when their neurotic parents separated them. The best part of the book is where the reader gets to learn about the three boys and their lives over the span when they are separated from their own parents.  One of the short stories in the book deals with Ernie, the main character who is a social secluded individual, he is hearing the whispers of his dead wife Ron (Veronica) and his foster mother Aunt Meg who fell down stairs to her death and faces a jury regarding the mysterious murder of his wife. We learn that Mack was a Marine in Vietnam and create carvings of soldiers from all famous battles and discovers strange memories and threats in a weekend retreat away from his wife. And in the next short story the remaining brother is entangled with a family and a governmental encroachment on bar ownership that again has within the flow of the recognizable references and memories of the three brothers now captured or frozen in time in a simplistic drawing based on an old photograph.  If you are looking for a series of related short stories this book will take you on a fun adventure of lives past and show you that your reality is much better than the author’s stories.

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