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beyond love book coverThis must be one of my favorite books of 2014!  Beyond Love by Barbra J. Duell knows what her audience wants to read.  If two people are destined to meet, I believe God provides the gateway.  It is all in his timing not ours.  When eight year old David Hampton ran away from home, he was almost hit by a car which a lady rescued him.  I don’t know about you but I remember being eight years old and hating life and my parents and wanting to run away.  Since David Hampton does not have a mom, he dreams of having one.  I know when my mom died, all I ever wanted was a mom as well.  It is very realistic that the rescue was planned by God.  David’s dad is a Professor and a meeting took place where as they both looked at one another “time seemed to stop.”  Do you believe in love at first sight?  This book will draw you in and take you page by page until you reach the ending.  Will this be a marriage destined by God or will the couple just have a journey in love and romance?  It is one book you have to pick up in 2014!  I love the cover of this book!  The couple going to kiss the house in the background makes me want to read it and find out what Love has in store for this eight year old boy and the single father whom needs attention, love and a family.

© 2014 Jackie Paulson

Kindly stop at the authors web page: http://shadowwindllcpublishing.com/beyond-love-romance-barbara-j-duell/