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DeVry University
November 2013
Jackie Paulson

Author Jackie Paulson talks about Security in IL

Author Jackie Paulson talks about Security in IL

Tell me something about yourself. Hello, my name is Jackie Paulson. I am a Security officer professional with a degree in Technical Business Management and active Top Secret security clearance. My qualifications include 4 years of experience with Private Security Agencies and proven leadership capability managing security teams. My experience also includes knowledge of patrol, search and rescue and investigative and criminal procedures.  I would like to discuss how I can bring these skills and experience to your company.

Why should I hire you? I think I am a great match for this position. My degree in Technical Business Management  with added experience including the development of tracking systems and logging the operational continuity of 250 interior and exterior cameras for 5 separate facilities, development of the Freightwatch Product Tracking System, which, over a period of 6 months, saw a growth of 600%, provided static post and roving patrols to ensure the safety and welfare of 457 temporary employees, proofread 237 incident reports, post reports and other administrative documents for accuracy for 15 assigned officers. Provided loss prevention duties for over $100M in assigned inventory while assigned to Brightstar.  Brightstar is a Forbes top 100 independently owned corporation, and supervised the movement of employees during fire drills.

What are your strengths?  I have very good organizational and time management skills, but my greatest strength is my ability to effectively handle multiple projects and deadlines with 100% accuracy.

What are your weaknesses? I am a driven person who loves a challenge and will pay attention to detail and over analyze so it can take me a little longer to finish a project but I do finish it even if I stay late to accomplish it.

How are you qualified for this position? Security professional with expert ability to protect lives and property. Proven ability to assess threats and respond quickly to implement safe, effective solutions. Security Guard with extensive knowledge of law enforcement practices, investigation techniques and security equipment operation. Focused, detail-oriented Security Guard with more than 4 years protecting corporate assets and maintaining safety. Security Guard who remains on high alert at all times and maintains excellent coverage. Quick thinker with strong critical thinking capabilities.

Why are you applying for this position?  It will enable me to utilize and employ my skills, and knowledge and aptitude. I can make contributions to the company’s strategic goals and at the same time build upon my existing skills and experience by working in this role and advance my career in management.

Why are you interested in working for our Security Agency?  I am dependable, experienced and qualified Security Professional with strong leadership, analytical, technology, communication and interpersonal skills. Your company website asked for the qualifications that I already can apply as well as with my experience and passion to provide Security to protecting people from crime, maintain order, reduce theft, and protect against natural disasters and terrorists acts.

Tell me about a difficult situation you dealt with when supervising others. What did you do, and what were the results?


 The Background: Used Protection and Security Procedure to Protocol

I was working 2-10 pm at a Security Agency when an employee started to yell at his supervisor in the lunch room common area because he was asked to leave his shift for the day because his attitude was not good for working conditions.

The Action: How I demonstrated my skills is that I immediately stood behind the man whom was sitting at a lunch table, yelling at his supervisor from about 26 feet away, a “female” and used vulgar language.

The Results:  The outcome was to show that I was in charge of a situation where the employee stood up and threw his back pack onto his shoulders, almost hitting me, and I had him escorted off the property. I was calm, alert, and handled a situation that could have turned into violence at the workplace.

2.     Describe a time when you had to adjust to change. How did you cope?

The Background: I was in charge of a new division and building and one duty that was new was “FreightWatch.” FreightWatch is a tracking device that the trucks place inside a truck load to “track” the loads from point A to Point Z.  This was a new change added to addiction security duties placed on me during my shift.  

The Action: How I demonstrated my skills is that I immediately started to study the computer program and learn each step of the tracking device.  I had to learn the truck drivers company’s names, the point of contact person, watch and report each truck as it left one point and be either emptied or reloaded with a new “beacon” tracking device properly placed within the truck to re-track to other locations or back to its home bound location.

The Results:  The outcome was to show that I was to show my skills and abilities to learn this new computer system and to safely track truck loads and be able to identify if a truck went off its route and to follow the protocol in the event that it did go off track. This is like a GPS tracking device for high dollar volume of truck loads so as to make sure they do not get Hi-jacked or in an accident where merchandise can be stolen or drivers hurt.  I was told by my supervisor that he was impressed with learning my new skill set and would like for me to help train other workers

3.  Describe a situation that required you to show initiative. 

 The Background: I was the new Manager of a Salon and the entire staff was not happy that I was chosen from the outside and not one of them.  I was asked to increase the sales for one month to prove my management skills.  I quickly came up with a plan to be able to demonstrate my skills.

The Action: How I demonstrated my skills is that I immediately looked at the beauty salon past records for each month and each week.  I analyzed the month we were in to increase sales.  I then told the staff or employees that each Saturday who ever had the highest sales for the day in hair cutting and in product sales will receive a 25.00 cash reward at the end of the day from me. 

The Results:  The outcome was to show that I was to show my skills and abilities in management to the owners.  In a matter of four weeks’ time I had donated 100.00 out of my pocket to each of the winners but in the end the sales increased 90% which made the owners very happy.