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The BP Corollary by Rick Lacey

The BP Corollary is a novel written from two different viewpoints, when you read it you can decide which one you like best. If you wish to understand the PB tragedy and the organization of the world that only an authority a novel could give, then this is a great book for you to read.

The opening of the book, “Whenever a foreign corporation with investments and operations in the Americas engages in flagrant and chronic wrongdoing whether through overt act or negligence and irresponsibility to the actual or anticipated detriment of America, its people, or its resources the United States reserves the right to force said corporation to divest its American assets, make restitution for financial harms to America or Americans and to leave the hemisphere of the Americas.”

Prologue: April 20, 2010

The earth moved.  The explosion and fire killed eleven men and would send the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform to the seas floor a mile below.  The televised oil gusher 40 miles off the Louisiana coast would last an agonizing 87 days and devastate the ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico with 5 million barrels of crude oil.

Oil spread across the Gulf nearly 12,000 square miles, in the beginning.  Before it was over the number sky rocked!  The oil spread to beaches three weeks after the explosion.  BP stands for British Petroleum, and lost over one hundred billion dollars.  It’s obvious that the devastation had direct and indirect impacts on the environment and mother earth.

BP would disregard man and nature to engage in a cover up so daring, devious, and deadly that he decision to attempt it could only come form those few who are completely above the law.  This is a topic I am very interested in, which led my reading this true story about the Oil Industry.

On April 21, 2010 Liam Camron comfortable in Captiva Island, Florida home felt the seismic wave from the BP Explosion, it was 6:00 am.  His phone rings and a reporter said, did you hear about the tragedy at BP?

Not knowing what just happened…

There was an explosion on an oil platform under contract to BP Exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.

The reporter says, lives were lost, and the rig burning fast, the rigs name is The Deepwater Horizon.

Crew of a 100 men.

He knew who to blame or who the person to talk to was and did not want to tell the reporter his name because he signed a confidentiality agreement over ten years ago.  Camron tells the reporter that you need to talk to Maximilian Thomas, go talk to him…a former BP insider.  He also added, you didn’t hear this from me!  Because he wrote a novel called “Involuntary Separation.” to show the world attention was needed to address abuses at BP.  His prediction was right in his book and would tell the reporter why something this horrid would come to pass. After he hung up Camron then called Maximilian Thomas!

As I was curious I looked up the book “Involuntary Separation” I read that this is a book about murder in the corporate headquarters of an international oil company; a beautiful psychotic driven to revenge; one man’s obsession with stopping corporate downsizing . . . this is the thrilling heart of “Involuntary Separation.” Confronting one of the most consequential issues of our time, Involuntary Separation compels us to see what really motivates corporate downsizings and why we must stop them if we expect our great society to survive.  In the end, 11 to 15 men are dead.  This tells the reader that BP negligence, profit ahead of safety, corrupt corporate culture.   Liam Camron climbed the corporate ladder and use to be VP of Finance for BP in America.  Interesting enough Max worked under Liam and Liam protected him.

I enjoyed both sides of the story, one written in the 3rd person mostly and the other from the standpoint of a man in the first person.  I did not think I would be interested in such a story about oil in America until I read it!  Sometimes a person can learn more than can be expected and I sure learned a lot from this novel.  I am not a “news: reader” so this information was a very new to me.  Whether you read the news or not, this story will open your eyes to a new perspective on the Oil spill and one that the Big Wigs of America corrupted America.

© 2014 Jackie Paulson