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The War on Drugs

This is a very realistic real story about drugs. The couple (Mr. and Mrs. Shuck) decided to grow pot in their basement and eventually after making a profit none the less, got busted! I say Hooray! The author wanted to share the story with the world in hopes to help others not make the same mistakes concerning selling illegal drugs. In the end they go to jail and the costs far out weight what they made in profits. Christine Shuck lets the reader know that she takes responsibility for her and her husband’s part in the matter, and that gives her the credibility. I wish this was a book all high schools were required to read because it shows the reality of how serious it is to sell pot. It also goes to court and the ins and outs of the judicial system which all teenagers need to hear and learn about. I am in the field of security thus my opinion of this book could stand to be very negative whereas the other reviews might not be. I am an advocate of a drug free world! With that said, it seems that the reviews are many for the War on Drugs and everyone should read other reviews on Amazon if they think they want to read this book. © 2014 Jackie Paulson

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