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The Starlight Bar and Grill: the alternate slice by Joe Crawford

Starlight cover

“That would be the way he could have done it, mixed it into his food.  It’s something to think about.”“He told him about a suspicion regarding a can of rat poison in the basement, used for killing rodents but that’s all it was, a nagging doubt.

This is a great crime, thriller, and suspense!  It’s a long book with a lot of detail but easy to read and understand.  It’s not my all-time favorite book of 2014 but one that I read in three days.  It’s not one that I could pick up and read in one day but it did keep my interest.   Our family owned a restaurant and it was family owned which led me to want to read this story.  The main character is Scottie McWilliams and Amy.  Two brothers fight constantly about the business and what dad would have wanted all the time.  They go through the good ol’ days and the memories.

“Yeah,” Scottie said, becoming sad. “Pop wasn’t the same after her suicide in the Jacuzzi. I think he did everything for her, built the Starlight, all of it. Everything and everyone is connected by love, that’s what he said.”

“Right,” Carl said, turning away to sit down. “And all dreams come true, unless they turn into nightmares, which is what the Starlight is threatening to do if we don’t find a way to pull it out of the slow quicksand it’s sinking in.”

With that said, I think I have enticed you enough to pick this book up and read it because some books are worth the read even if they are long!

© 2014 By Jackie Paulson