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Did you know that the tic-tac-toe grid was found in pre historic caves in Warscheueck, Austria and also in a cave in Fontainebleau, France? Nor did I! This is the opening to Sunday the game book and it is a book about the game of life. It is full of strategies, with the sole intent to win. As you read it you are one of the participants in the competition, to take your turn, which will determine the final results.
I loved being the main character, and I got to learn about the matches’ peculiarities, which can be individual or collective. In this game, there is a place for men, women, fear, ideologies, certainties and changes of paradigm. As you all know Sunday is a day of rest, or free time, football or any game!
So if you are in the game of life you get to decide what happens with your life! In this book you get to dream and make your own reality.
Part II in the book is “A Champion’s training.”
This is you and when you look into the mirror you ask yourself, “What do I want?”
What are your skills? How can you use them to do what you really need to do? What are you doing? If it is fear holding you back on the game of life then once you identify what you are afraid of, you can finally move ahead.
This book is a self-help, soul searching and thought provoking book. A definite read and keep on your shelf type of book.
© 2014 Jackie Paulson