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The Black Pelican by Vadim Babenko

The Black Pelican book

Vadim Babenko is a Russian National Bestseller novelist with three books;

Semmant, A Simple Soul and The Black Pelican.  I absolutely love a suspenseful thriller novel and this is exactly what Babenko delivers.  Why pick up this thriller?  It is about action, danger, suspense and murder.  I loved the adventure the author takes the reader on in the city of M.  Personally, M should have been a name like “mystic” or “maniac,” anything but M.  That was the only thing I did not like about this enticing thriller.  Your imagination will take you on a journey and out of your comfort zone.

The main character is “Vitus” whom plans his revenge against the world and ends up in the city of M. His secret plan is to kill his longtime enemy, Julian.  He cannot find him.

Quote from the book, “All at once, a feeling of melancholy rose up in me. It was like realizing that coming here had been pointless – there was no road for me and no hope of finding what I sought.”  This book will take you places which will make you turn the page to want to know what will happen next.

A little about Vadim Babenko, he is a  Russian scientist with a PhD from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, a widely recognized leader in the field of artificial intelligence, an entrepreneur in high-tech development, Vadim Babenko closed the door on his past achievements to fulfill his desire to write.

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