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Water’s Edge by Jane Riddell

Waters Edge book Review

Waters Edge book Review

Have you ever been to a “family reunion?”  I remember my last one and the planning to get to the location, each sister driving along with their spouses, getting to the hotel, finally arriving at the site, the weather, the games, the visiting of those whom did show up, the wonderful food and ice cream, learning the family history or memories by elder relatives.  With that said, Jane Riddell brings together her family to the family hotel in Switzerland.  Magdalena is the Mother and main character whom wants to retire and announce to her family of four (Annie, Vienne, Portia and Lawrence) that she wants to give the 40 year old lakeside hotel to one of them and marry her fiend Karl.  What is amazing is that she loses her husband and wants to remarry so quickly as well as announce it to the children on the day of the family reunion.  The reality of all of the emotional ups and downs of relationships and family secrets fits like a glove all the readers who stop to read this book.  I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a fast read and to see how the ending turns out.  As the pages turn so will your emotions and the “I have been there and done that scenario.”  Hit Like and feel free to comment below.

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