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Do you like romantic novels?Shannons Law



I am not a regular reader of steamy, hot romantic novels to say the least. This is a series of books that after reading just one, I’d love to read all of them! If you are not into erotica type novels than this one is not one for your reading genre list. I only spent one day divulged into this wonderful read and now I am addicted to what the author offers to its readers. She has humor, wit, and romance, women leading role, detective, cop, crime, mystery, investigation and so much more. Talk about a book I could not put down! What I can say for sure is this book is for mature audiences only and it is not for individuals under the age of eighteen. Shannon and Spencer are great characters whom are at the opposite ends of life. She is a cop and he is a very wealthy man. What shocked me was the fast romance despite Shannon being new to the town as a police officer. I enjoyed Shannon and Spencer’s relationship as it develops. What caught my eye most was that Spencer has a teenage boy who was in a boarding school until his mother died suddenly and then Spencer decides to keep his boy close at home. I have attending boarding school as a female, and the decision to keep him home was not something I would of done as a parent. Teens are very easily influenced and it would have been better if Ben stayed away because the story uses Ben as a bad character when Ben is innocent. But you need to read it to find out why. If I have to say one bad thing it would be that I did not like the British humor. © 2014 by Jackie Paulson All Rights Reserved