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Kate’s Journey Triumph over adversity by Kate Adamson

This is a book I bought and read back in 2002.  It is a true story of a women (33) who endured a stroke went from paralysis to recovery and her journey through it all and not losing her faith. I have to say that I have added this book to my favorites list and she is a true hero and miracle of God.  Yes, it’s 2014 and I realize now she has a new book in 2012 that I am definitely going to buy. I highly recommend this book for health professionals and students who want to understand what the patient with a severe neurological injury actually goes through.  Kate recovers from a stroke!  This book allowed me to appreciate those who have suffered from a stroke or other ailments and their long term recovery efforts.  This story will encourage you and give you hope in any adversity and realize faith and courage and strength will keep you going as it did for Kate’s journey to recovery.  You will love the resources in the back of the book too.

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