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Achieving Your Promises by Timothy Ryan Patton

Achieving Your Promises by Timothy Ryan Patton

This is a book that will show you how to live the life you have always dreamed of living. In 2014 I am making myself a promise to follow through my dreams, visions and life purpose with more action as described by Mr. Timothy Patton.
This book is a journey and thought provoking and you will want to take your time reading it. The day I got the book, I skimmed over the contents, then the chapters and just briefly looked it over. The cover will make you feel a calm peace and the title will capture your attention. This book was published in 2008 and one that reminds me a lot of “The Secret” because the Law of Attraction is a real concept that actually works and the real life stories show us all that.
As Mr. Patton says, why wait until something horrible happens before making changes to your life. Do it now!
Do you know why this book was written? You need to know that Tim was in a horrible car accident in 1991, where a truck hit the car where his head flew through the window and broke the glass causing the glass to get inside his eye, cut the cornea, and caused his vision to be distorted to 20/70. That is the day Timothy Patton decided to make permanent changes to his life to help those of us who need to find our vision, our path, our dreams, our promises, our destiny, our purpose.
Timothy highly recommends that you create a vision board for your life in each area. For example:

The reason it’s important to do this is because it will help remind you of where you want to be, see, do in your life and not be distracted by others opinions. It will keep your dreams FOCUSED so that you can take the proper steps to achieving them.
I have to admit that some of the information in the book is out of date and that is okay because the author is sharing from what he knew at that time when he needed to get his information shared out into the internet. Change is a constant in life and if you are not able to grow, learn, and accept that then your life is in what I call a “funk.” That will need to change in order for your life to get un-stuck from the daily grind of “nothingness” to servitude and helping others to get the wheel of your life rolling into the direction it is meant to go.
This is my review in 2014 and I will have to update it as I read and learn and study more of this book because it is not a “one time read” it is a book to change your life for the better if you are willing to follow the ideas, stories, and concepts Timothy Patton discovers and helps those willing to learn it.
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