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My Time in Heaven by Richard Sigmund

My Time in Heaven by Richard Sigmund












My Time in Heaven by Richard Sigmund
I was shopping at a local Walgreens a while ago and picked up this wonderful spiritual book. I just got done reading it now and boy was it a page turner! A book that took me a few hours. It’s a true story about a man whom was in a van accident and died for eight hours and as he is wheeled to the morgue he sits up and says, “I’m Alive.” He freaked everyone out! Yes, a miracle from God, to bring this man to life again to be able to share his real life experience with all of us. The details are so real, they match what the bible say with scriptures. After reading this book I will pass it along to anyone I know and especially those who need a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior. If you like this review, hit LIKE!
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