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Find It and Pin It Day # 6



Find It and Pin It Challenge Day # 3



Find It and Pin It Day # 5



Find It and Pinterest Pin It Day # 7 recap


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Find It and Pin It Day # 6

I was sick for 12 days before going to the Emergency Room to find out I have walking pneumonia!  What a Horrible 12 days.  Today is Day 12 but now I finally feel better enough to catch up on my blogs.   I do book reviews at http://getreadingnow.org, that blog is a three year Anniversary blog!  So Cool.

So here is Day #6 Find It and Pin It challenge from me to YOU.


finditpinit14 2

That is ME Jackie Paulson look at my three years of PINS!   4,528!!  I am so addicted!!


Now an easy PIN turn a paper Clip into a Mini Hanger

Find It and Pin It Day # 5



How cool is that?  Turn leaves into roses!!  I am going to do this one for sure.



Find It and Pin It Challenge Day # 4

how to clean your iron

You can make a dirty iron look like new again with that powerful cleaning duo, vinegar and baking soda.

Thrifty and Chic blogger Alicia had a seriously encrusted, ruined-looking iron. She accomplished the amazing transformation you see above by “ironing” (with the iron turned off) a paper towel soaked in vinegar and with a little bit of baking soda. Finally, with the steam setting on, the holes in the iron get cleaned out too


Find It and Pin It Challenge Day # 3

Find It and Pin It Challenge

foil tips

Did you know you can throw a ball of Aluminum Foil into the Dryer to use as a Dryer Sheet?  I didn’t!

DAY ONE  natural room sense  I am going to make this for me, then give as gifts this year.  What do you think?

fill a jar



How many times did I wish I knew I could use tape to hang things on a wall.  I use the old “eye ball it” method, but with this trick I can do it right the first time!  Find it and Pin it challenge, are you in or out?  I love this idea.

What Ideas do you have?  ♥ Comments Welcome ♥



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