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The Resume is Dead by Nelson WangRESUME IS DEAD COVER

This is the best book to read to get motivated to have you stand out from the crowd with the way in which you want to get your unique message across to  employers to “finally get a job” or “finally get hired.”  By all means the title does not do justice for this book, resumes are not dead, but being creative and standing outside the box kind of thinking is what is needed in the new era of getting your resume out to the prospects you wish.  I as entertained with this book and learned many new things I would not have if I did not read it before.  The major lesson is About Matthew Epstein’s Journey at googlepleasehire.me and how he landed the job of his dreams just like you and I can by reading this book.  If you want to land your dream job, you have got to think outside the box. Each chapter brings:

An inspirational quote to pump you up

A personal story

An objective



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