Top 3 Websites Where You Can Promote Your eBook

1) Goodreads (now part of Amazon) – http://www.goodreads.com
Goodreads is a popular website for readers. They get some 14 million unique visitors a month – all the reviews come from book readers rather than professional reviews. They also offer self-serve advertising. This option allows you to promote your ebook on the site according to genre, reader’s age, gender etc.
2) KindleBookreview – http://www.kindlebookreview.net
Like Goodreads, they seem to get most of their reviews from the general public, buyers of books, rather than professional reviewers. They offer a free review service but they also genuinely buy your books also adding real credibility to the reviews they write. Each review costs from $8 to $18, so they are probably the most affordable. They cover both fiction and non-fiction, but mostly fiction.
3) Kirkus – http://www.kirkusreviews.com
They should arguably be at #1 since they are the most professional by far in their reviews, and arguably one of the more influential, but also the most expensive. Prepare to pay $400-$800 minimum. These are a good choice if you want professionals to review your book and offer advice. Reviewers cover a wide range of genres that include: romance, mystery, crime, fantasy, historical fiction/non-fiction, biographies, and others. Can take several weeks to get your review out.


Where do you post your ebooks?