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How to Save Money: A 21-Day Challenge to Save $500/Month [Kindle Edition]
Bob Lotich (Author)
Reviewer: Jackie Paulson © 2013 on Aug 1, 2013
Day 1-Lower your monthly bills
*find best price for your monthly bills, like
*cell phone
Site: yourbillcutter.com

Day 2-Buy used books, buy used college books
Day 3-Negotiate your interest rate on your credit cards
*Site: debt snowball method

Day 4-Simplify your wardrobe
*take one item out, and then can place another one in its place
*shop at resale stores

Day 5- I have simply forgot what this day said

Day 6- Cancel your cable
*buy 99.00 Apple TV
*subscribe to Netflix

Day 7- Make your own coffee
Day 8-Investigate refinancing
*check rates in your area
site: LendingTree.com

Day 9- Get cash back Debit card
Site: perkstreet.com
Day 10- Sell your clutter

Get out of Debt,  How to save 500.00 a Month Book from Amazon

Get out of Debt, How to save 500.00 a Month Book from Amazon

Day 11- Save on Energy in your house
*seal all cracks

Day 12-Save on exercise
*exercise outside
*join class at community college and use gym for free

Day 13- Save on car Insurance
*get cheaper quotes

Day 14- Buy home in winter months
*buy holiday items the previous years

Day 15- Stop eating out
Day 16-Buy in bulk with amazons “subscribe and save”
Day 17- Make cheaper phone calls

Day 18- Car
Site: Edmunds.com saves on gas

Day19- Rent for home depot for items you need to rent to fix your house

Day 20-Use discounts provided by Employer
Day 21- Get your property taxes lowered
My overall review is that you need to know that I have 0 debts and have 0 debts for years. I learned the hard way buy going into debt, getting out of debt and learning to live a simple lifestyle with 0 debts. If I do not have cash to buy something I do not buy it is my only rule.
Now, if you are in debt and need helpful information to really save you money, and then this is a great book with simple helpful tips and tricks to get you to save even if you “think” you already know how. I am a huge fan of Dave Ramsey and this book will talk about what Dave Ramsey tells as well.
This is an information book that anyone can take at least one tip and save money and that is what we all want, to save money. I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs to get out of debt, stay out of debt and help others do the same.