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Is College Worth It?  By William J. Bennett

Is COLLEGE worth it?

Is COLLEGE worth it?

I bought this book because I am in college at the age of 46!  Is it worth it?  Yes, absolutely!  I raised my daughter as a single mom before I went to college.

If you are worried about debts going into college this is a book to tell you the statistics and realities of going to college with the remaining “amount to pay when you are finished.”

If debt is your only reason for not going to college, I think you should get more than one opinion about your decision.  This book will discuss the realities of debts, unemployment, and politically charged pseudo learning are the likely outcomes.

I was impressed with the knowledge I gained but do not agree with the authors points on many things discussed.  I believe that tin the 21st century it is important to have a Bachelor’s degree for the best future employment successes.  If you have anything less than that, expectations will be less than desirable.   © 2013 Jackie Paulson