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Single Effort by Joe Keller


Joe Keller “tells it like it is” about dating after he went through his own divorce and entering into the 21st century dating scene. Keller says, “Though it can be difficult to see until after the dust has settled, divorce can be liberating. It can give you the freedom to pursue life in the way you have always wanted, giving you a chance to follow new interest, passions and meet new interesting people.”

I am a female, divorced 16 years ago and wanted to read what a man’s perspective was on getting divorced and reentering into the dating game of life. You will love Chapter 8: Meeting New women, because Keller tells you where to meet women, and asking her out on a date. Chapter 12 talks about online dating as well and will guide you to all of the secrets to a successful relationship and possible lifetime partnership. If you are a single individual, this is one guide that will ease your mind when it comes to meeting someone and building the confidence to thrive in the dating world of this era.

This is a guide for the single guy but can also be read by males or females, single or not because it gives a unique dating perceptive of ideas. © 2013 Jackie Paulson