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Author Jackie Fullerton‘s latest book, Ring around the Rosy, is an intricate blend of mystery, suspense, a touch of paranormal and romance. 

 Jackie Fullerton

Anne and her fiancé Jason are going to his parent’s home for a vacation in Florida. When they arrive, Jason’s dad has discovered his wife’s best friend has been murdered. Off goes Anne being the amateur sleuth that she is she jumps at the chance to investigate a murder.


In Chapter one you will meet Maude Allen; age 72 with Maude shopping because her son and grandson are coming from Brecksville for Thanksgiving dinner holiday.  Maude Allen is the town book club attendee along with her friend Ann Marshall.  Ann and Jason are going to Florida to visit Jason’s parents (Fred and Nancy Perry).


In Chapter two we find out that Ann and Maude attend the book club and the next day Maude is found dead in the bushes at the book club.  She has on her a “pinned” note: “A pocket full of posies.”  The story takes off from there to lead you into an investigation to capture your time, sense of adventure and heart. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a great mystery with a touch of romance.  © 2013 Jackie Paulson

Jackie Paulson

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