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BOOK REVIEW: Big Wave Surfing by Kenneth J. Thurber Ph.D.

Extreme Technology Development, Management Marketing and Investing. This book provides you the insights necessary to survive in today’s technology economy by providing you understanding of rapid technology change and innovation.

1.    Can you think outside the box?

2.    Is there a new product concept that you can develop?

3.    Are there new product categories that we have not thought about?

4.    What if you took an existing product and tried to determine what that product would look like under a new set of technology assumptions?

5.    Can you create new innovation products and jobs?

The secret to surviving in today’s economy is to be able to embrace disruption.  Disruptive technology swill cause “big waves” to form.

In today’s technology world, demand for and adoption of technology by users create the massive financial impact of big wave products.  If you can generate a huge user demand, you can create a massive product structure and rapid growth.  Positioning of your new product or service will be the key to its success.  There are proven techniques to spot and ride big waves that will contribute to the success of your product, service or investment.

This book brings the issues of our innovation based technology driven economy to the average reader in an understandable form.  The author developed the concepts of technology big wave surfing as a metaphor for ways to capitalize on the disruption that technology brings to the product marketplace.

I have to say that when I received this book for free for my honest review over a year ago, I did not plan to read it.  And as the economy has changed in 2013, I have enrolled in college in my late 40’s to better my education and future with more employment opportunities.  My degree is in technological management and thus I am dealing what this very book is telling the entire world.  Things will always change and in this economy we all need to embrace the “new wave” of new things to come in order to survive the future of this day and age.  My notes from this book are very beneficial to my current classes and I am beyond myself with the knowledge the author shared and with the expert status of this book.

So, give you a reason to read this book?  If what I have already said did not resonate with you then you do not need to read it.  Thank you for your comment and hitting “like” below.

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