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Deadline by Randy Alcorn

I would like to thank Blogging for books for a free copy of this novel for my honest review.

The first thing I have to say is that this book was too long and drawn out for my taste of a mystery.

The novel starts out by letting its readers know that the story is a “flurried trauma of the past eight days.”

Three childhood friends

1. A Doctor- known as Doc: Gregory Victor Lowell Surgeon Wife: Betsy

2. A Businessman-Finney Wife: Sue

3. Journalist-Jake Woods Wife: Janet

All three friends get together to watch football on Sundays and they flip a coin to see who will go get the pizza at halftime. When the quarter stands straight up without falling all three get up to get into Doctor’s suburban and he drove, Jake got into the middle and Finney sat next to the door.

QUOTE: As Doc just yelled, “watch where you are doing, you idiot.” Doc’s shoulder jammed into Jake as he threw the Suburban into a sharp swerve to the right, when in an instant, Jake heard Doc’s loud voice turn from anger to panic, his blood froze. Suddenly a disorienting blur of images overwhelmed him. I can’t stop I can’t stop. The suburban embarked on a wild ride, careened into a ten foot high embankment. As the car turned and turned Jake lost consciousness and his body hung between two friends, his shoulder between two worlds.”

Jake wakes up in a hospital room and says. Where am I? The nurse had to tell him what happened to him, as he was unable to talk. All Jake wanted to know is “how are my two friends, alive or dead?”

*(As a spoiler) both men do die and he fades into and out of memories with his two buddies throughout the story.

Jake gets an envelope, and a canary yellow three by five card fell to the floor, face down. He picked it up and on the card was a single sentence, consisting of only four words, t that same all caps –A waitress wiped the table six feet from Jake, and saw it. She watched Jake’s eyes widen and his hand shake, as he read on the card, “It was not an accident.”

The rest of the book will develop into the detective and Jake finding out who the real killer is and this is where the book gets good. The characters are wonderful and real and I enjoyed the novel as a great mystery. If you love mystery and detective books this one is a good one.

© 2012 Dec 31 Jackie Paulson