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Parkinson’s Disease (Looking Down the Barrel) by Richard Secklin


When Richard wrote this memoir when he was four years (2010) into his diagnosis and living with Parkinson’s disease.  We all have heard of Michael J Fox and his struggles with the disease and this book should be added to anyone’s collection of books if you know someone who suffers from such a disease.

I am deeply moved by what Richard writes and the fact that his wife left him after 18 years.  His son left also.

Since Richard use to be a cop and worked his way up the ladder of success he was smacked with Parkinson’s disease which led him to facing the barrel of a gun, wanting to kill himself.

Since I am a Christian I can have compassion for the thought process of depressed people such as when it hit Richards life.

Losing my wife, son, job, career, and all that was worked for would be the hardest thing to handle ever.  Can you imagine?

This is a true story and will open your eyes to the reality of Parkinson’s’ Disease.

© 2012 Jackie Paulson