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Soul Rape: Recovering Personhood After Abuse (Kindle Edition) 

Recovery after abuse by Heyward Bruce Ewart

A Quote: “But how does one come to be and thus gain the power for living? Victor Frankl asserts that all of mankind is searching for the meaning of life and that this meaning is primary an ingredient for the survival of personhood (Frankl, 1998).”
It is not easy to create a great review from a book that details different types of rape. It happens to all sorts of ages, and stages of people. The statistics are alarming when discovered in the book.
Although desire the bad and different forms of abuse the stories give hope for others who might be going through such a horrible event in their lives. It is with the ongoing support, community alertness and God that most will recover and live to become an inspiration to those who may need it most. If you hate human suffering, as I do then this book will open your own eyes as it did mine.
Becoming aware and stopping the cycle of abuse is the key to survival and recovery. This book will give you the steps to take and insights to help you along the way.
What you will learn in this book is how celebrities become addicts, how addressing abuse solves the cycle of addictions, why mental illness is a reaction to someday else craziness, How group work helps victims into survivors, and a test to find dangerous students before it is too late.
The shared stories and experiences in this book will enlighten you. What breaks my heart most is the alarming cases of child abuse. The abusive environments that the children deal with day in and out are unthinkable. I would recommend this book to those dealing with abused children abused adults, or adult survivors. It is helpful for physicians, psychologist, and other therapists, teachers, protective workers and social workers.
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Find out about the book here: www.StJamesTheElderSeminary.org, Or www.DrSinor.com.

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I don’t know of anyone who has had to subcomb to such abuse but I know many readers have.  My heart and compassion is to help those who need it and i f you feel the need to confidentially talk to me, Please email me on my Contact page.  Sincerely, Jackie Paulson

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