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No Innocent Affair

Making right the wrong of adultery by Edward F. MrKvicka Jr.
Review by Jackie Paulson © 2012
It is a fact that affairs destroy the American family tradition.
I am an expert in this topic of how to get through it, get divorced, be a single mom, and work three jobs to survive. Been there done that. I was the Innocent person! Edward tells us all to “be responsible and understand the seriousness of affairs in marriage or otherwise. We all have choices to make and it is Gods design to keep married couples together.”
My husband chose adultery over faithfulness. I was a Christian at the time of my trial back in 1996. I was armed with the words of God and was granted a divorce as the bible says thou shall not commit adultery as my husband did so. It is true that kids suffer social, financial, physical, and spiritually. They are the innocent victims too!
I have a belief that Satan is real in this world creating havoc everywhere. He is the mastermind behind marriage failures. If we are grounded in the words of God then temptation is not in our thoughts. If thoughts sneak up on you then that is why we attend church and meet with others who are like minded. This is our stronghold when we are weak. It happens to all of us in areas of our lives.
He gives pages and pages of scriptures to back up all of the claims of how we are deceived by Satan when we commit adultery.
I loved this book! If you are a Christian you will find the scriptures very helpful, as I have placed them into a binder for later use. If you are not a Christian and do not read the Bible then this is just reading material. I think everyone can benefit from learning from the author and it is a well written thought provoking read.