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Mind Your Own Fitness by Bob Choat

Mind Your Fitness by Bob Choat

Written by Jackie Paulson © 2012
Bob opens his revelation when he sees a teenage boy with his shirt off and is overweight for his age. He then talks to a police officer that is one who could not ever pass the physical test which is required to be properly fit for police work. He is astonished and by what I have read in his book, I am amazed. It’s so true that most people would rather sit and watch television than head out for a healthy walk.
What Bob will teach you are the reasons why he and you should change your mind set about health and fitness. This book has tools that will help each reader to make changes in their mind and health. He is the epitome of health and fitness and he walks the walk and talks the talk. Bob is very passionate about changing each one of us in ways that are easy to handle and have lasting results.
Bob will make sure he stays in contact with you if you wish to make the changes for a better future of your health and fitness. The information is beyond my expectations and with his experience it is my belief that he is an expert in this field of study.
Bob talks about how action will get you the results you wish. Yes, these things take time and patience but with the lessons Bob teaches, you will feel motivated to take the proper action. This is a book I will keep and read more than once. I did take notes and created my health journal. It’s a start! The Appendix will give you resources and Bob’s recommendations for the serious readers.
If you read his book I would love your opinion as well. Please comment below.