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The Sitting Swing: Finding Wisdom to Know the Difference (Paperback)
The Sitting Swing by Irene Watson

One of my top 10 read in 2012

The Sitting Swing by Irene Watson is a true story about how she overcame her over protective mother and its ill effects from Irene’s childhood to adulthood, to a treatment center which transformed her beliefs about her past to a renewed vision for her life as she continues to bless others.
Irene Watson thanks her parents for bringing her to this world to experience and learn the path to find her true self. I believe we all have been brought to earth to learn and experience what we have been living whether it be good or bad things, circumstances or people on our own journey.
Irene Watson read two memoirs, “Change Me into a Zeus‘s Daughter by Barbra Robinetts Moss” and “Lost and Found by Babette Hughes,” which taught her how these women healed their childhood wounds and how they reclaimed their true self. I have always wanted to find my authentic self and after reading “The Sitting Swing,” I will be reading the two recommended books as well because it is my belief that if something we read resonates then it is something to be pursued.
The Sitting Swing on the cover of her book reminds me of freedom, and it took great courage for Irene to stand out from the crowd and tell her story truthfully. I admire anyone who can go from hurt to healing to helping others and this is what Irene does with her words.
It is said that in our greatest pain lies our greatest blessing and Irene did exactly that by publishing her book.
© 2012 Written by Jackie Paulson