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Crimes of a Christian [Hardcover]
Crimes of a Christian [Hardcover]
by Kent Dickinson
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5.0 out of 5 stars The passion to live an ungodly livestyle, September 18, 2012
This review is from: Crimes of a Christian [Hardcover]

Crimes of a Christian by Kent Dickinson was based on his true story of crime based on his love of worldly possessions. Kent has two lifestyles, one which ran the theaters with mob ties and his country life style with his wife in Illinois.
“If you treat people right, they’ll treat you right.” One quote I do believe in. When Kent was born he he was born with a severe cleft-lip, cleft-palate, and had speech impediment. If anyone knew he was different it was Kent!
Kent grew up with his father grooming him to take over his father’s empires, “neighborhood movie theaters.” His father had a drinking problem which helped Kent’s belief that he was a tyrant who defined his masculinity by bullying and terrorizing those whom he was supposed to love. You will learn that this later was stemmed from his “cross-dressing” obsession and guilt. I have to say that this really hit me hard. I cannot imagine such bullying from my own father and to learn on the father’s death bed of his obsession to cross dress! It seems to me that Kent grew up the only way he was taught and believed was right until he finally got caught vandalizing theaters with his cohorts.
Kent grew up in a Catholic environment and with all the problems that went along with being a good kid. Yes, he followed the rules and did as his dad told him to. Obeying authority and especially family, so that he won’t let them down.
By now you all have probably read the papers or this book about how he was convicted and sent to prison. The book is a wonderful reading! If you love true stories and how a christian was convicted and turned back to God then this book will be something to read! I loved the details and all that was involved with the Gurnee Illinois Marcus Theater vandalism as I live near there. I also have a history of living near Chicago, IL so this book took me back to an era that as a Christian I learned more now than if I never read Kent Dickinson’s book. Great Read!
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