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Film poster for The Notebook (film) Note: This...

Film poster for The Notebook (film) Note: This poster is the edited one where Noah does not have his beard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks © 1996


The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks BOOK REVIEW




A Fiction book Published by Time Warner Books, Inc.

“The romantic would call this a love story,
The cynics would call it a tragedy.”
Nicholas Sparks based this novel on the lives of his wife’s grandparents. He lives in South Carolina with his wife and two sons.
The story is about two characters Allie Nelson and Noah Calhoun. After reading his book I know that it will stay forever etched inside my heart and soul. To me, “love is when you are with someone it’s like the world around you seems to disappear.”
The story begins in 1946 on the coastal shores of North Carolina, Noah is returning home from World War II at the age of thirty-one.
In 1932, 14 years before Noah came home from the war, he had a summer love with Allie. The obstacles that ended their relationship involved Allies disapproving parents and the war.
Noah goes off to war and for two years he faithfully writes love letters to Allie. Allies mother kept them and never let Allie see or read them.
I could relate to his part of the story. When I grew up in the 1960’s my parents thought they knew what was best for me as I grew up. For example, I grew up in an all strict Irish Catholic family. I was in love with a man I wanted to date and he was not from my Catholic school or upbringing. My parents did whatever they could to make sure we did not talk or see one another. My parents send me to an all girls boarding school, which brought about the final separation between me and the boy.
At the age of 29, Allie found Noah in a story on the house in Raleigh in the newspaper. She was now engaged to a very wealthy attorney. She decided to go to Raleigh to visit Noah and see the house he remodeled. This is the very house years ago that they met and spent a summer finding the love they both wanted in each other.
When Allie visits Noah she didn’t think that her feelings would come back so strongly for Noah. Well her emotions took over and as they visit and reminisce, they find the true love they once had and fall in love all over again, forever.
I would recommend this book to all who want to read a love story and a romance that will steal away your heart.


Review written by Jackie Paulson © 2012


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